Did Sonic Youth inspire Nirvana?

Did Sonic Youth inspire Nirvana?

Sonic Youth became fans of Nirvana, they suggested to Geffen Records that they sign Nirvana, and they took them on tour a few times, including the European tour that was documented in 1991: The Year Punk Broke — the tour Nirvana were on when Nevermind became a surprise success.

Who was Sonic Youth inspired by?

Moore said that Sonic Youth was heavily influenced by the Velvet Underground, along with The Stooges, Branca, Patti Smith, Wire, Public Image Ltd and French avant-gardist Brigitte Fontaine.

What bands were influenced by Sonic Youth?

After that sort of experience, Sonic Youth’s influence has been naturally wide ranging, so here are just ten acts they helped to shape…

  • Beck.
  • Sigur Rós.
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
  • The Cribs.
  • My Bloody Valentine.
  • Dinosaur Jr.
  • Blood Red Shoes.
  • Cat Power.

What does Sonic Youth have to do with Nirvana?

When major labels approached Kurt Cobain and the band with offers to jump from Sub Pop to a bigger audience, Cobain opted to go with the David Geffen-owned DGC Records, primarily because Sonic Youth were signed to the same label.

Did Sonic Youth use drugs?

Sonic Youth was never a drug-heavy band which made them stick out like a sore thumb compared to their contemparies. Ranaldo, it’s safe to say, got his drug consumption largely out of his system before the band even begun and that made up for the majority of Sonic Youth’s relationship with drugs.

What is Sonic Youth’s most popular song?

Teen Age RiotBull in the HeatherKool ThingIncinerate100%Dirty Boots
Sonic Youth/Songs

Who was Kurt Cobain’s favorite musician?

Leadbelly. There are two reasons for the iconic soul man Leadbelly’s inclusion on the list as one of Cobain’s favourite artists. One of them is his incredible album Last Session, which he has claimed changed his life, and the other is his adoration for William S. Burroughs.

Who was Nirvana inspired by?

Inspired by Black Sabbath, and punk rock bands like Black Flag, by 1986 they had formed Nirvana and two years later moved to Seattle to record their first single with Sub Pop.

What songs are Sonic Youth known for?

Sonic Youth’s greatest songs – ranked!

  • 100% (1992)
  • Candle (1989)
  • Death Valley ’69 (1984)
  • Rain on Tin (2002)
  • Sweet Shine (1994)
  • Anti-Orgasm (2009)
  • Shaking Hell (1983)
  • NYC Ghosts & Flowers (2000)

Does Sonic Youth have a greatest hits album?

Hits Are for Squares is a compilation album by American alternative rock band Sonic Youth….

Hits Are for Squares
Released June 10, 2008
Recorded 1982–2008
Genre Noise rock alternative rock experimental rock
Length 76:09

When did Sonic Youth and Nirvana tour together?

Months before Nirvana overtook the world with “Teen Spirit” mania in late 1991, the band was tapped by Sonic Youth for a European festival tour. Dave Markey, a friend of Sonic Youth’s, was hired to film the trek, which also featured Dinosaur Jr., Babes in Toyland, and Gumball.

What year did Sonic Youth Go punk broke?

1991: The Year Punk Broke, released theatrically in 1992, is a documentary directed by Dave Markey, featuring American alternative rock band Sonic Youth on tour in Europe in 1991. While Sonic Youth is the focus of the documentary, the film also gives attention to Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr., Babes in Toyland, Gumball and The Ramones.

Where can I find information on private performances of Nirvana?

For information on musical performances undertaken in private, such as rehearsals, recording sessions and radio shows, please see the Live Nirvana Sessions History. Unsurfaced sh…

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