Did Arei Moon win The Voice?

Did Arei Moon win The Voice?

Arei Moon admits she was prepared to head home following her knockout round on The Voice. Nick Jonas decided she wasn’t going anywhere, advancing her to the Season 18 voting shows instead. He named Arei the winner of her knockout round match with Jon Mullins.

Who Won The Voice France 2017?

Lisandro Cuxi
The Voice: la plus belle voix (season 6) is the sixth season of the French reality singing competition, created by media tycoon John de Mol. It was aired from 18 February to 10 June 2017 on TF1….The Voice: la plus belle voix (season 6)

The Voice: la plus belle voix
Winner Lisandro Cuxi
Runner-up Lucie Vagenheim
Original network TF1

What did Raquel sing on the voice?

Raquel Trinidad sings “Valerie” on The Voice Season 21 Knockout Rounds, October 25, 2021. “What you did is beautiful,” said Ariana.

Who Won The Voice France 2018?

Whitney Marin
The Voice: la plus belle voix (season 8)

The Voice: la plus belle voix
Winner Whitney Marin
Runner-up Clément Albertini
Original network TF1

What happened thunderstorm Artis?

On “The Voice” season 18 finale on Tuesday, Todd Tilghman pulled off a win over Thunderstorm Artis, who had been the frontrunner all season long.

Who Won The Voice France 2022?

Nour Brousse
Series overview

Season First aired Winner
10 6 Feb 2021 Marghe Davico
11 12 Feb 2022 Nour Brousse
12 Jan 2023 Upcoming season

What is Raquel Trinidad ethnicity?

Raquel Trinidad was born on 21 September 1998 in Tampa, Florida to a Dominican and Puerto Rican. She has two siblings named Arielle Trinidad and Olga Trinidad. Raquel began her career with the animated television comedy-drama series Caillou.

How far did Raquel Trinidad get on American Idol?

Top 20
In 2019, Raquel Trinidad made it to the Top 20 on American Idol Season 17. She impressed the judges with performances, including “Rich Girl” by Gwen Stefani and “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John, before being sent home.

Who Won The Voice 2020 France?

Congratulations to the Franco-Haitian singer Abimaël Bernadoth aka “Abi” from Fonds-des-Nègres who brilliantly won the 9th Edition of the The Voice France 2020 contest on TF1, by interpreting “Ain’t got you” by Alicia Keys.

Who Won The Voice in 2018?

Brynn Cartelli
Brynn Cartelli won Season 14 on May 22, 2018, becoming the youngest-ever champion at age 15.

Who did Thunderstorm lose to on The Voice?

Where does Thunderstorm Artis live now?

“In amongst all of this, I decided to get married and make that life shift,” Artis said. Artis married Australian singer, Faith McMaster in a small ceremony this summer. Artis has also been playing small intimate shows in backyards around Portland, living there since May.

Why did Gwen Stefani quit The Voice?

Season 20 was reportedly filming at the same time as season 19 was wrapping up, and it’s possible Stefani was too busy working on new music to take on that type of commitment. The Rich Girl singer has never stayed on The Voice for two consecutive seasons.

Did Ariana quit The Voice?

After months of speculation about who would stay and who would leave “The Voice” coaching lineup, which skipped the usual spring cycle for 2022, fans now have confirmation that new and familiar faces will return in the latest episodes. Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson have announced that they will be leaving the show.

Who Won The Voice France 2021?

The Voice All-Stars

Season First aired Winner
1 11 Sep 2021 Anne Sila

Who is Raquel Trinidad?

Raquel Trinidad is an actress, known for Dora the Explorer (2000), Doc McStuffins (2012) and Caillou…

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