Can you make a Bobcat high flow?

Can you make a Bobcat high flow?

Smart hydraulics allow Bobcat machines to identify the attachment and lock out non-required functions (like high flow) to limit damage to attachment and machine.

Can you add high flow to a CAT skid steer?

High-flow systems can be added on to new skid steers purchased directly from a manufacturer or built into used steers.

What is high flow on a Bobcat?

The term high-flow encompasses a wide category of skid loaders with varying flows and pressures. Flows range from 26 to 40 gpm and pressures range from 3,000 to 5,000 psi. The flow in the auxiliary circuit is important to any attachment that uses a hydraulic drive motor.

What skid steer attachments require high flow?

Examples of attachments that require an enhanced high-flow system include larger cold planers, larger mulchers used to clear brush and small trees, and a large rock saw you might find in an aggregates operation.

How do you know if your Bobcat has high flow?

Bobcat doesn’t make it very obvious, other than a little sticker on some machines. If you can run it, push the high flow button and if it lights up, it has it, if not it’s probably standard flow.

Is high flow necessary on a skid steer?

All those motors and the cylinder require more power. More power requires more hydraulic fluid. And that means you require a high-flow skid steer.

How do I know if my bobcat has high flow?

How do I know if my Bobcat has high flow?

Can you run a high flow attachment on a low flow skid steer?

It will result in inefficient operation and can even damage the accessory or equipment. Thus, you cannot run high-flow skid steer attachments on a standard-flow machine.

Is a high-flow skid steer worth it?

standard; high-flow is an option that costs a premium. Sometimes it’s worth the extra cost, sometimes it’s not. Hydraulic flow rate and the skid steer’s operating pressure dictate the amount of power that is delivered to the attachment and how much power the attachment can deliver to its task.

Can you run a high-flow attachment on a low flow skid steer?

What is the difference between standard flow and high flow on a skid-steer?

Low-flow skid steers, which are also known as standard-flow skid steers, range between 18 and 25 gallons per minute (gpm). High-flow skids move hydraulic fluid at rates between 30 and 45 gpm.

How do I know if my Bobcat has high flow hydraulics?

  • October 26, 2022