Can you leave a boom lift?

Can you leave a boom lift?

Answer: OSHA standards do not prohibit employees from exiting or entering an aerial lift basket that rests on or adjacent to an elevated surface. Section 1926.453(b)(2)(v) requires that employees working from aerial lifts be tied-off.

How should boom lifts be parked?

The preferred procedure to shut down and park the machine is as follows:

  1. Drive the machine to a reasonably well protected area.
  2. Ensure boom is fully retracted and lowered over rear axle.
  3. Shut down Emergency Stop at Platform Controls.
  4. Shut down Emergency Stop at Ground Controls.

Can you leave a scissor lift outside?

Scissor lifts can be used outside. In fact, rough terrain scissor lifts were made specifically to operate on rough and uneven terrain. The tires and engine power were designed with outdoor use in mind.

Can you tie off to a boom lift and work outside the basket?

Section 1926.453(b)(2)(v) states that when tying off on an aerial lift, the lanyard shall be tied off “to the boom or basket when working when working from an aerial lift.”

What are the OSHA requirements when using and air lift scaffold?

Stand firmly on the floor of the bucket or lift platform. Do not climb on or lean over guardrails or handrails. Do not use planks, ladders, or other devices as a working position. Use a body harness or a restraining belt with a lanyard attached to the boom or bucket.

Why are boom lifts stored up?

Storing a cherry picker in the up or elevated position helps to reduce accidents from kids and to discourage theft while allowing free advertising and ensuring the hydraulics are functioning. Many techs will store tools in the basket raised from prying eyes as the platform cant be lowered without keys.

Can scissor lifts get rained on?

They’re also designed to work in inclement weather, helping to keep workers secure while working at elevated locations in rain and wind.

Can you exit an elevated work platform?

Never enter or leave the platform when it is elevated. Remain within the confines of the work platform at all times. Do not stand on the handrails of the platform. EWPs must not be used as a crane or hoist.

Do you have to tie-off in a boom lift?

Section 1926.453(b)(2)(v) of the Aerial Lift standard provides that workers in aerial lifts and boom-type platforms must be tied-off. Workers on scissor lifts must either be tied-off or protected by guardrails.

Do you have to tie off in a boom lift?

Do boom lifts tip over?

Though very rare, it is also possible for boom lifts to tip over. Keeping the area under and around the boom lift clear will help ensure that no one is hurt if the entire structure tips over.

Do you need to wear a hard hat on a boom lift?

The last crucial step to safely operating a boom lift is for all operators to wear correct PPE clothing. That is, personal protective equipment like protective and high visual clothing, hard hats, goggles, and rubber soled shoes. This type of clothing helps protect operators from injury and unknown hazards.

Can you use a boom lift in the snow?

Snow and ice can make working on an aerial lift more dangerous. They make the platform slippery. They can cause vision problems by getting in eyes or fogging up protective goggles. They can also get into tools and equipment, causing them to short out or malfunction.

Can you leave a MEWP basket?

MEWPs are specifically designed to lift people to a position where they can carry out work from the work platform and then return to the starting level. They are not intended to be used to transfer people from one level to another or for people to exit the basket at height.

Can you tie-off to a boom lift and work outside the basket?

Is it safe to use a boom lift to access elevation?

It’s not uncommon that a construction worker needs to access an upper elevation using a boom lift, but does not know if in this particular situation it is safe and legal to do. There are legitimate reasons for exiting the platform at height. Sometimes exiting the platform when elevated is simply the safest way to carry out temporary work at height.

What are the requirements for a boom lift?

The boom lift shall be within 3 degrees of level, or manufacturer’s recommendations shall be followed if they are more stringent. The platform should be positioned within 12 inches of the surface. An approved full body harness and appropriate lanyard must be worn at all times while working inside or exiting the platform.

How do you safely exit an elevated aerial lift?

IPAF emphasizes four key points in regards to safely exiting an elevated aerial lift or mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs): 1. Have a Rescue Plan The ultimate Plan B, a rescue plan should always accompany a situation that requires a worker to exit an aerial lift at height.

Do you have authorization for exiting a boom platform at height?

OSHA and ANSI require an operator to be authorized in writing by the manufacturer before exiting a boom platform at height, and Genie has developed an authorization letter that covers the process operators must follow for just such a need.

  • October 3, 2022