Can a SSA-1696 be signed electronically?

Can a SSA-1696 be signed electronically?

On March 8, we released a new service to allow representatives to initiate an SSA-1696 notice of appointment online where they and their claimants can complete, sign and submit the form electronically with no personal contact. This is a two-step process the representative must initiate.

How do I set up a representative payee for Social Security?

How Do I Apply to be a Representative Payee? Contact the Social Security office nearest you to apply to be a payee. You must complete form SSA-11 (Request to be selected as payee) and show us documents to prove your identity.

How do I fill out SSA 1696?

Complete the Notice of Appointment (Form SSA-1696)

  1. Your valid email address.
  2. The claimant’s valid email address.
  3. Your current mailing address and phone number.
  4. If you are registered, you will also need your Representative Identification (RepID) (This is the number you were assigned when you registered with us).

Does SSA recognize power of attorney?

No. The Social Security Administration does not recognize power of attorney as conferring authority to manage another person’s benefits. Nor is it sufficient to have your name on your mother’s bank account or be her authorized representative.

How do I set up a representative payee account online?

Visit and select sign in or create an account. Your Representative Payee Portal will automatically appear. for yourself including estimating your future benefits or requesting a replacement Social Security card (in qualifying states).

Why does Social Security not recognize power of attorney?

The Treasury Department does not recognize power of attorney for negotiating federal payments, including Social Security or SSI checks. The only way to legally manage someone else’s Social Security benefits is to be appointed as a representative payee by the Social Security Administration.

What can a payee not do?

Representative Payees cannot:

  • Use a beneficiary’s funds for their own personal expenses, or spend funds in a way that would leave the beneficiary without necessary items or services (housing, food and medical care)
  • Put a beneficiary’s Social Security or SSI funds in the Representative Payee’s or another person’s account.

How long does it take to become an appointed representative?

To become an appointed representative can take just a few weeks or months to be approved, compared to the alternative of obtaining a license which can take 6 to 18 months, depending on your access to professional advice and help. See the FCA for more information.

  • October 18, 2022