Why is my earwax black and smelly?

Why is my earwax black and smelly?

Dark or black earwax isn’t a sign you have poor hygiene or that you’re not clean. It is, however, a sign you should clean your ear canals of earwax buildup and possibly see your doctor. Black earwax may be an indication you have a wax buildup. Your ears may not naturally clean themselves the way they should.

What does it mean if you have black ear wax?

Gray or black earwax usually means there is a buildup of dust in the ear or impacted earwax. If you are experiencing hearing loss, this could be a sign of impacted earwax.

Is it normal for ear wax to stink?

Why Is My Earwax Smelly? Earwax is a normal and an important part of keeping your ears healthy and clean. However, smelly earwax can indicate a problem. If your earwax smells, it may be caused by a medical condition or other complication.

What does an ear infection smell like?

Infection. Infections often cause a cheeselike smell. Bacteria, yeast, and fungi are most often to blame. This is because they like warm, moist places.

Does smelly ear wax mean infection?

When your earwax smells terrible, pay attention because it most likely indicates a severe infection. Anaerobic bacteria, that means the organism doesn’t require oxygen to thrive, tend to emit a foul odor that can make earwax smell bad. A bad smell can also mean an infection is causing middle ear damage.

What causes smelly discharge from ear?

Discharge from the ear is invariably due to an infection of the ear canal (otitis externa) or middle ear (acute or chronic otitis media). An offensive smelling discharge is more common with chronic infections, particularly due to gram negative bacteria.

What is the smelly liquid in my ear?

What is foul smelling ear discharge?

A foul smelling discharge could likely be caused by malignant otitis externa. This occurs when an ear infection spreads to the outer ear and surrounding tissue. Head injuries, which damage the brain, skull or scalp, can also cause ear discharge.

What are the signs and symptoms of cholesteatoma?


  • Constant sound inside your ear (tinnitus)
  • Dizziness (or vertigo)
  • Ear infection.
  • Earache.
  • Feeling of “fullness” in one ear.
  • Fluid that smells bad and leaks from your ears.
  • Trouble hearing in one ear.
  • Weakness in half your face.

Do fungal ear infections smell?

Otomycosis is a fungal infection in the outer ear. An otomycosis infection causes inflammation, dry skin, and a smelly discharge in the ear canal.

How do you draw out an ear infection?

Mix equal parts apple cider vinegar with rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol). Apply 5 to 10 drops in each affected ear using a clean dropper bottle or baby syringe. Cover your ear with a cotton ball or clean cloth and lean on your side to let drops enter and sit in the ear. Do this for about 5 minutes.

Does dark earwax mean infection?

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