Who started the Sons of Silence?

Who started the Sons of Silence?

Bruce Richardson
The Sons of Silence are allied with the Hells Angels and Iron Horsemen, and are rivals of the Outlaws….Criminal allegations and incidents.

Sons of Silence colors
Founded 1966
Founder Bruce Richardson
Founding location Niwot, Colorado, United States
Years active 1966–present

What is the baddest motorcycle gang?

The Most Dangerous Biker Gangs in America

  • Warlocks. Image via Getty.
  • The Highwaymen. Image via Getty.
  • Black Pistons Motorcycle Club. Image via Getty.
  • Vagos Motorcycle Club. Image via Getty.
  • The Sons of Silence. Image via Getty.
  • The Pagan’s. Image via Getty.
  • Bandidos Motorcycle Club. Image via Getty.
  • Outlaws Motorcycle Club.

Are the Bandidos and Sons of Silence allies?

The Mongols have allied themselves with the Bandidos, Outlaws, Sons of Silence and the Pagans to compete for territory and members with the Hells Angels, the report says. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives says it considers the Mongols the most violent motorcycle club.

What gang is Sons of Anarchy based on?

In order to bring the now-concluded Sons of Anarchy to life, its creator took inspiration from real-life motorcycle clubs, and among those were the Hells Angels organization, one of the most popular clubs in the world, and a couple of members of the Hells Angels were part of the cast – here’s who they are and who they …

Who is the leader of the Sons of Silence?

The Sons Of Silence was founded by Bruce Richardson in Colorado in 1966. 10 years later Leonard Loyd Reed, known as JR, became the President and held this role for 20 years. In 1998, the club expanded to Europe and opened a chapter in Munich. They are especially popular in Germany.

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