Who dies in dawn warriors?

Who dies in dawn warriors?

They are still mourning the death of one of their companions, Feathertail, who died driving a stalactite through the body of Sharptooth, the huge mountain lion who had been terrorizing and killing cats from the Tribe of Rushing Water; the group of cats who live in the mountains.

Who is the dying warrior in Warrior cats?

The dying warrior turns out to be the spirit of Mudfur, the former RiverClan medicine cat. Mudfur runs through the night sky as a shooting star and drops behind the mountains, telling the Clans that their new territory will be beyond Highstones.

Which cat is on the cover of starlight?

Starlight is the fourth book in The New Prophecy arc. Mistyfoot is the cat depicted on the reprinted covers. It features Leafpaw and Brambleclaw as the main protagonists.

Who is Squirrelflight’s sister?

Perhaps the deepest influence on her has been her sister, Leafpool. From the beginning, the future medicine cat encouraged Squirrelflight’s ambitious and independent nature.

What clan is clear sky in?

Skystar, also known as Clear Sky, is a light gray tom with blue eyes. Clear Sky was the first leader of SkyClan, originally from the ancient tribe. He was born to Quiet Rain alongside Gray Wing and has two younger siblings, Jagged Peak and Fluttering Bird.

Where did Spottedleaf go?

Spottedleaf continues into the Dark Forest with Jayfeather, and asks Tigerstar why he is training living cats from the Clans. Tigerstar tells them that they practice fighting because they are warriors wishing to retain their fighting skills.

Who is the fourth cat in the prophecy in Warriors?

Former ThunderClan leader Bluestar tells Jayfeather that the fourth cat in the prophecy is Firestar.

Who is the main character in Warrior Cats Starlight?

It features Leafpaw and Brambleclaw as the main protagonists.

Who was leader after Shadowstar?

Raven Pelt
Shadowstar eventually admits her fear of ShadowClan crumbling when she dies permanently. After postponing naming her new deputy, she appoints Raven Pelt as Sun Shadow’s successor and discovers it was Quick Water who tried killing her before.

Why did turtle tail become a kittypet?

Turtle Tail was a member of the ancient Tribe of Rushing Water. She decided to follow the sun trail, and was deeply in love with Gray Wing. Upon reaching the new territory, she decided to become a kittypet with her friend Bumble, and Turtle Tail became pregnant with Tom’s kits.

  • August 4, 2022