Which Vexilar transducer is best?

Which Vexilar transducer is best?

The 12 degree (TB0080) is the most popular of Vexilar Ice-Ducers. This model performs great down to 45 feet and is ideal to use with units that have zoom zones, like the FL-18™ and FLX-20. The 9-degree (TB0051), also known as the Pro-View Ice-Ducer, delivers the best target ID and is great for all depth applications.

Are Vexilar transducers interchangeable?

Each of the Vexilar Ice-Ducer transducers is interchangeable and will permit you to better match the performance to your fishing situations.

What angle should my transducer be at?

The transducer should be mounted nose-up about three degrees in relation to the plane of the hull bottom. Sometimes a transducer mounted parallel with the hull bottom also works fine, but even the slightest nose-down angle can cause turbulence or cavitation that kills performance.

How much area does a transducer cover?

How much area does a transducer cover? Is there a way of measuring cone angle diameter? Measuring the diameter of a transducer is easy to calculate using this simple formula, 1feet of coverage for every 3 feet of depth with a 20° cone and thus about half for a 10-degree cone.

Whats the difference between fl8 and fl12?

The fl12 is just a flat screen version of the fl8. Literally. Thats exactly what it is.

What is the Genz pack?

The Genz Pack fits on top of a five gallon bucket for easy access and handling while fishing. Comes with a 12 volt, 9 amp-hour battery with charger and a 12 degree Ice-Ducer transducer. The Genz Pack comes completely assembled and ready to fish with. The FL-18 offers a patented split screen flasher display.

Can you use a Vexilar in summer?

Re: Do you use your Vexilar in the summer? Yes. Just buy the transducer for your boat 99.00 bucks works great!

Does vexilar flx12 have zoom?

I looked and the FL-12 does not have zoom as a feature.

What is a good vexilar?

1. Vexilar FL-18 Pro Pack With 12-Degree Ice Ducer. This is Vexilar’s flagship product, and is undoubtedly one of the very best ice fishing flashers on the market.

How much is a fl8 vexilar?

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Will a scratched transducer work?

Re: Scratches on trolling motor sonar transducer No they dont,mine is all scratched up and it works fine. Check your settings on the unit sounds like they may have been accidently changed.

  • August 6, 2022