Which method is suitable for teaching English in Bangladesh?

Which method is suitable for teaching English in Bangladesh?

Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)
Bangladesh implemented more interactive teaching approach–Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), replacing memorisation and translation based method–Grammar Translation Method (GTM) in 1997 with a cordial intention to teach communicative English to the school students.

What curriculum is followed in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh has three main educational systems: general education, Madrasah education and vocational education. The general system sees students for five years at the primary level and seven years at the secondary level.

Is English taught in Bangladesh schools?

The urban students often go to English medium schools and receive their education in English (Mousumi & Kusakabe, 2017). Thus, the level of their proficiency is higher compared to the Bangla medium students who study in public and private schools.

What is the condition of Bangladesh about learning English?

In the existing situation, teaching and learning of English at the primary level in Bangladesh has a very low standard. Most of the students face difficulties to communicate in English and even competency level of most English teachers is not up to the mark. Besides, classrooms have very poor facilities.

Which method is currently applied in teaching English in the secondary level of Bangladesh?

The Grammar Translation Method (GTM) has been dominating the English Language Teaching (ELT) class in Bangladesh for many years.

Which English is used in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, written English is dominated by British English but accent is controlled by American English superseding British English. After independence of Bangladesh in 1971, Bangladeshi education system built upon the structure of British system but American English has exerted through media (Algeo, 2010, p.

What is the components of primary English curriculum?

The English curriculum for Primary school is focussed around six key areas – Writing and Representing, Reading and Viewing, Listening and Viewing, Speaking and Representing, Grammar and Vocabulary.

Is Bangladesh ESL or EFL?

Whether English in Bangladesh is an ESL (English as a Second Language) or an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) is still a controversial issue. Though it has been mentioned by Kachru (1986, p. 33) and Jenkins (2009, p. 16) that English enjoys the status of ESL in Bangladesh.

What are the problems of the learners of English in Bangladesh?

The study reveals that the major problems in English language teaching and learning at the Alim level lie with the textbook materials, syllabus, uninteresting lessons, method of teaching, avoidance of practicing listening and speaking, poor quality of teachers, lack of physical facilities of the classroom, very poor …

What are the applications of English language in Bangladesh?

It is universally acknowledged that English is the lingua franca of the world. English proficiency is the key to ensuring access to education, business and technology. In fact the more than 150 public and private universities in Bangladesh do use English as the medium of instruction at the tertiary level.

Why Bangladeshi students are weak in English?

According to this brief government report, lack of monitoring and teachers’ training are the reasons behind Bangladesh’s students’ poor performance in English. Students of different Madrassas have been reported weaker than the school going students.

How many English medium schools are in Bangladesh?

146 English medium schools
According to latest data provided by the Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics, there are 146 English medium schools in the country with 78,000 students studying there.

What is the difference between English medium and English version?

While English medium schools follow the curriculum of Edexcel or Cambridge International Examination, English version schools follow the national curriculum and hold national examinations in English. English versions schools are usually less costly than English medium schools.

How can we solve problem learning English?

The best way to solve this problem is through familiarity. Talk to English speakers as often, listen to English-language audio books, watch English-language movies and TV shows without dubs or subtitles, and so on. This will gradually build up your understanding and make spoken English easier to follow.

What is the importance of learning English in Bangladesh?

Are Bangladeshis good at English?

The countries have been divided into five categories on the basis of their English skills in the very high performing, high performing, middle performing, lower performing and significantly lower performing skills. Bangladesh stands in the 71st place with her 48.11 score showing its skills at the very lowest tier.

Why most of the students fear English in Bangladesh?

The report suggested that thirty eight percent of the students of lower secondary level are very weak in English. According to this brief government report, lack of monitoring and teachers’ training are the reasons behind Bangladesh’s students’ poor performance in English.

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