Where is the house of Dhoni?

Where is the house of Dhoni?

Dhoni previously lived in a three-storied bungalow in Ranchi’s Harmu Housing but shifted base to his stunning new house ‘Kailashpati’ in 2017. The huge property, situated at Ranchi’s Ring Road, boasts of everything grand and fancy, catering well to the former India captain’s personality.

Who is the richest cricketer Dhoni?

MyKhel here takes a look at the 10 richest cricketers in India as 2021 is coming to a close.

  1. 1 Sachin Tendulkar — Rs 1115 crore.
  2. 2 MS Dhoni — Rs 820 crore.
  3. 3 Virat Kohli: Rs 690 crore.
  4. 4 Sourav Ganguly: Rs 380 crore.
  5. 5 Virender Sehwag: Rs 330 crore.
  6. 6 Yuvraj Singh: Rs 260 crore.
  7. 7 Suresh Raina: Rs 185 crore.

Where do dhonis parents stay?

The outstanding Indian Cricketer, MS Dhoni is the owner of a new and marvelous farm home in Ranchi, named Kailashpati. Dhoni along with his parents Pan Singh Dhoni and Devaki Devi, wife Sakshi Dhoni and daughter Ziva used to live in their royal three-storied bungalow in Ranchi’s Harmu Housing.

Who is rich Virat or Dhoni?

Richest cricketer in the world: Top 10

1 Sachin Tendulkar $170 million (INR 1,296 cr)
2 MS Dhoni $111 million (INR 846 cr)
3 Virat Kohli $92 million (INR 701 cr)
4 Ricky Ponting $70 million (INR 533 cr)

Is Dhoni richer than Tendulkar?

He has a net worth of INR 70,000 crores and was in line to take over the multi-million dollar Aditya Birla Group. Notably, his net worth is way more than that of other successful Indian cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar (INR 1090 crores), MS Dhoni (INR 826 crores) and Virat Kohli (INR 688 crores).

How big is Dhoni’s farmhouse?

7 acre
Farmhouse is built in 7 acre area. a huge garage for Dhoni’s bikes and cars collection.

How many cars does MS Dhoni have?

The one that catches the eye among MS Dhoni’s cars is the Ferrari 599 GTO valued at close INR 1.40 crore. While the price of his Rolls Royce car is not known, these two might be the most valued cars in his possession….MS Dhoni’s Cars.

Sl no. 8
Car Nissan
Model Jonga
Price (INR Lakhs) 6

Who is the No 1 richest cricketer in India?

From Virat Kohli To Rohit Sharma, These Are The 10 Richest Cricketers In India

  • Virat Kohli. Net Worth: Rs 980 crore.
  • MS Dhoni. Net Worth: Rs 767 crore.
  • Sachin Tendulkar. Net Worth: Rs 1090 crore.
  • Rohit Sharma. Net Worth: Rs 130 crore.
  • Rishabh Pant. Net Worth: Rs 36 crores.
  • Hardik Pandya.
  • Jasprit Bumrah.
  • KL Rahul.

Who is rich Virat Kohli or MS Dhoni?

Dhoni vs Kohli: Kohli has a brand value of Rs 1,412 crore in the current year and stand in the first spot. Dhoni, on the other hand, stood at the fifth spot with a value of Rs 464 crore.

How many bikes does Dhoni own?

Now the count of his motorcycles crosses 100. Bikes like Kawasaki Ninja H2, Confederate Hellcat, BSA and a Norton Vintage bike are some of the few highlights of his garage.

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