Where is the grand marshal gear?

Where is the grand marshal gear?

Grand Marshal’s Battlegear is an Alliance five piece PvP-70 Warrior set. Various pieces are availabe for purchase in the Champions’ Hall, Stormwind.

How do you unlock the grand marshal Transmog?

Comment by perculia. Players who are eligible to transmog this appearance need to have achieved Knight-Captain/Legionnaire back in vanilla or 1800 RBG rating. They can purchase transmogrifiable versions from vendors in Area 52.

How do I Transmog old PvP gear?

You will need several Marks of Honor (buying the ensembles will be cheaper), which can be acquired by winning battlegrounds or buy trading 2000 honor points at the vendor in Oribos for 5 Marks. You can buy the majority of old PvP sets and transmog pieces (weapons etc) in this way.

Where can I buy marshal gear TBC?

As of Patch 2.4 this set will be purchasable at the Outlands rep vendors.

Can you buy grand marshal gear in TBC?

How much will LVL 70 PvP gear cost?

The cost for 5pc lvl 70 blue honor set (with resilience) will cost 86k honor. People who abused the bugged honor rates will be able to buy 4/5 of that set off the bat when they hit lvl 70.

Can heirlooms be Transmog?

Can you transmog heirlooms? Yes. You can transmog heirlooms to other item appearances (provided your character meets the prerequisites to ‘mog them) and you can transmog non-heirloom items to heirloom appearances if you choose.

Do you get more honor at level 70?

no its not, the prepatch honor values before the fix were correct for level 70, they were wrong for level 60 and so were made 10x less for level 60. It’s supposed to be that every time you level up 60-70 you get more each level until finally at the max at 70 not capped at the prepatch values.

Why can’t I Transmog my heirlooms?

You are wearing leather for some of your heirlooms. That is not the armor type for a Shaman. Your class uses mail armor. Therefore, you would be unable to transmog over an armor type that is not intended for your class.

Can you Transmog white wedding dress?

Simple answer, No.

  • September 9, 2022