What was the name of the robot from Team Umizoomi?

What was the name of the robot from Team Umizoomi?

Bot is the deuteragonist and the friendly robot of Team Umizoomi. He is the guardian of Geo and Milli.

How old is Team Umizoomi bot?

7 year old
Bot is a loving, 7 year old robot friend (whose voice is provided by Donovan Patton as Joe) who loves to sing and dance and has a fun-loving, childlike personality.

How old is Milli Geo and Bot?

Six-year-old Milli, her eight-year-old brother Geo, and their friendly robot, Bot, are mighty math superheroes. Team Umizoomi introduce youngsters to the concepts of counting, measurement, shapes and patterns.

What kid has green robot?

Team Umizoomi

Team Umizoomi
Created by Soo Kim Michael T. Smith Jennifer Twomey
Developed by Teri Weiss
Directed by Matt Sheridan
Starring Sophia Fox Madeleine Rose Yen Ethan Kempner Juan Mirt Donovan Patton P.T. Walkley

What race is Milli?

Danupha Khanatheerakul (Thai: ดนุภา คณาธีรกุล; RTGS: danupha khanathirakun, born 13 November 2002), better known by her stage name, Milli, is a Thai female rapper and singer. She rose to prominence nationally with her debut single “Phak Kon” (พักก่อน), which was released in February 2020.

What is the green robot logo?

Sometimes referred to as the Little Green Robot. The logo was created by designer Irina Blok for Google in 2007. It was made to represent the Android Operating System (OS) for the developer community but soon became the symbol for all things Android.

How old is Flo milli?

22 years (January 9, 2000)Flo Milli / Age

Who made Bugdroid?

Irina Blok
The Android logo was created by a designer called Irina Blok while she was working for Google.

What is the Android robot called?

An Internet search reveals that the Android robot name is “Mike” or “Bugdroid” (now archived at the Wayback Machine). Well most people have a first name and a surname (family name) so naming the Android robot Mike Bugdroid covers both possibilities.

Who voices bot in Team Umizoomi?

Donovan PattonBot / Voiced by

How old is Rico nasty?

25 years (May 7, 1997)Rico Nasty / Age

How old is Kash?

Kash Doll Shares New Ultrasound Footage, Admits She’s 32 Years Old.

  • August 12, 2022