What was the Detroit Lions best start of a season?

What was the Detroit Lions best start of a season?

The Detroit Lions had their best record in a season in 1953, with a record of 10-2.

Detroit Lions 1953 10-2
Detroit Lions 1954 9-2-1
Detroit Lions 1962 11-3
Portsmouth Spartans 1931 11-3

What network is the Lions game on tonight?

The Lions are scheduled to play most of their games on FOX this year. The team also plays a couple games broadcast on CBS, as well as a single game on ESPN.

Who did the Lions play in 2011 playoffs?

New Orleans Saints
2011 Wild Card Round: Detroit Lions vs. New Orleans Saints – NFL Playoffs – ESPN.

What was the Detroit Lions best record ever?

January 5, 1992 – Detroit Lions 38, Dallas Cowboys 6 That win started a season ending six game winning streak and gave the Lions their best record ever at 12-4.

Where can I watch the Lions game?

Lions Ways to Watch & Listen

  • CBS. Watch Lions games live on CBS.
  • FOX. Watch Lions games live on FOX.
  • NBC. Watch Lions games live, locally.
  • ESPN. Watch Monday Night Football live on ESPN.
  • NFL Network.
  • NFL Red Zone.
  • DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket.
  • DetroitLions.com.

What NFL team has gone the longest without a playoff win?

The longest drought since a championship of any kind is that of the Cardinals, at 74 seasons.

Did Calvin Johnson ever won a playoff game?

Calvin Johnson didn’t win in the playoffs in his career. Not what you’re looking for?

Which NFL team has the most losses in history?

The Arizona Cardinals
The Arizona Cardinals have lost the most games by a team, with 777 losses.

Has Detroit Lions ever had a good team?

In the 1950s, the Lions enjoyed their finest years ever with four divisional titles and three league championships in 1952, 1953 and 1957.

  • July 27, 2022