What is the traditional dress of Naga?

What is the traditional dress of Naga?

Alungstu is also a traditional costume of Nagaland which is worn by the rich men of the place. These costumes depict prosperity and success. The cloth is dyed in yellow colour and also has flowers on it. These dress designs have been made by the people belonging to the tribe only.

What is the most important item of Naga dress?

The most prominent item of Naga dress is the shawl. It is different for every tribe and besides, there are varieties and sub-varieties in every group. A warrior’s shawl or shawl of a man who has performed the Feast of Merit, is different from that of an ordinary villsager.

Which dress is wear in Nagaland?

Alungstu. This Is also a traditional dress of Nagaland which is worn by rich men of the place. These costumes depict prosperity and success. These clothes are dyed in yellow color and also have flowers on them.

What is the traditional dress of Manipur and Nagaland?

Innaphi and Phanek are the Manipuri traditional dress for women in Manipur. All Manipuri women wore these costumes. Phanek is worn like a sarong. The Manipuri dress is woven with the hand in horizontal line designs.

What is Ratapfe?

There is a famous black shawl worn my men in Nagaland known as Ratapfe. The shawl is embroidered in 3 or 4 lines and looks simply attractive. The villages of weatern Angami have exclusive style of clothing design. Lothas’ shawls are put on in festivals and special occasions.

What is Mighimi?

sections of villagers were called Mighimi, which means orphans.

What is Nagaland embroidery?

Embroidery. The beautiful embroidery of Nagaland portrays the rich artistic caliber of the local craftsmen of the north eastern state of India. The local indigenous population of Nagaland design unique patterns on their shawls, clothes and other decorative items made up of cloth which reflects their cultural heritage.

What is the tradition of Nagaland?

Nagaland has a rich linguistic tradition with as many languages as there are tribes, each exclusive to itself….

Tribe Festival Month
Kachari Bushu January 27th
Lotha Tokhu Emong Novemebr 7th
Phom Monyu April 1st Week
Pochury Yemshe October 1st Week

What is Inaphi dress?

Inaphi, in short, is a cloth to wrap around your upper body, mostly like a shawl. Contrary to the traditional textiles with vivid colours and bold motifs, Manipuri weavers use soft pastel colours highlighting the shawl’s serene appeal and maintaining the poise. The fabric used is semi-transparent.

What is the dress up of Manipur?

A traditional Manipuri costume for women includes a shawl called Innaphi, a Phanek and a wrap around skirt called sarong. A Manipuri man wears a dhoti, a jacket and a white Pagri or turban.

Are Sumi and Sema the same?

Sumi (also known by its exonym ‘Sema’) is a Tibeto-Burman language spoken in Nagaland, North-east India. It is one of the major languages of the state, with an estimated 242,000 speakers living primarily in Zunheboto district, as well as in the major cities of Kohima and Dimapur.

Which fabric is used in Nagaland?

Naga textiles are traditionally all woven on the back strap loom in handspun cotton, eri silk or indigenous nettle and bark fibres, although today the majority of textiles are woven in acrylic wool from the local market.

What is Lai Phi?

Lai Phi is a beautiful white piece of cloth bordered most intricately with yellow while Chin Phi is a blouse paired with an intricately embroidered phanek. If paired the right way, they can make you an instant hit of the day. Manipuri Men’s Traditional Clothing.

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