What is the raft technique?

What is the raft technique?

The RAFTs Technique (Santa, 1988) is a system to help students understand their role as a writer, the audience they will address, the varied formats for writing, and the expected content. It is an acronym that stands for: ➢ Role of the Writer – Who are you as the writer? Are you Sir John A.

How do you write a raft assignment?

How to use RAFT

  1. Display a completed RAFT example on the overhead.
  2. Describe each of these using simple examples: role, audience, format, and topic.
  3. Model how to write responses to the prompts, and discuss the key elements as a class.
  4. Have students practice responding to prompts individually, or in small groups.

What does raft stand for in ELA?

Role, Audience, Format, Topic
The RAFT (Role, Audience, Format, Topic) writing strategy, developed by Santa, Havens, and Valdes [1], helps students understand their role as a writer and communicate their ideas clearly by developing a sense of audience and purpose in their writing.

What is the R in raft?

It teaches them the important concepts to consider when writing or reading a text. RAFT is an acronym that stands for Role, Audience, Format and Topic.

How do you get good at raft?

Raft: 15 Pro Tips For Getting Started

  1. 1 Size Doesn’t Matter.
  2. 2 Keep Food Cooking.
  3. 3 Build A Streamer.
  4. 4 Make All The Items.
  5. 5 Friends Can Distract The Shark.
  6. 6 You Don’t Need To Stop At Every Island.
  7. 7 Fish And Cook Water.
  8. 8 Don’t Build On The Edge.

What is raft differentiation?

In a previous series of posts I wrote about RAFTs, a powerful strategy that engages students into writing, a means to coach students to improve writing, and an approach that when differentiated helps students at varying skills to success at a respectful pace.

Do multiple sails help raft?

No, your raft will go at the same speed no matter how many sails it has – but you can paddle or use engines to go a bit faster!

How do you progress faster in a raft?

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What shape of boat holds the most weight?

flat-bottomed boats
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Do you go faster with more engines in raft?

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What should I prioritize in the Raft?

Fishing, Purifying water, and Cooking Are Among Your Top Priorities. Fishing and cooking are arguably the most critical aspects of Raft as they play a crucial part in ensuring your survival as you’ll be required to eat and drink on a regular basis.

Does food spoil in Raft?

Pro: As of now the food does not spoil, ever.

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