What is the potentiation effect?

What is the potentiation effect?

Listen to pronunciation. (poh-TEN-shee-AY-shun) In medicine, the effect of increasing the potency or effectiveness of a drug or other treatment.

What is an example of potentiation?

When the combined effect of two different drugs exceeds the expected additive effect of each of the drugs administered independently, one drug is said to potentiate the other. For example diazepam may potentiate the effect of alcohol.

What does potentiate the action mean?

Definition of potentiate transitive verb. : to make effective or active or more effective or more active also : to augment the activity of (something, such as a drug) synergistically.

What does potentiate mean in psychology?

n. a form of drug interaction in which the addition of a second drug intensifies certain properties of the first drug administered.

What is the difference between potentiation and synergism?

Synergism: when the combine effect of two drugs is greater than the sum of their effects when given separately. Potentiation: when one drug does not elicit a response on its own but enhances the response to another drug.

What is muscle potentiation?

Originally defined by Robbins,8 PAP is a phenomenon by which the force exerted by a muscle is increased due to its previous contraction. Post-activation potentiation is a theory that purports that the contractile history of a muscle influences the mechanical performance of subsequent muscle contractions.

Who discovered drug potentiation?

This method was developed by McEwen and colleagues in the 1960s and was studied for several decades.

What is the opposite of potentiate?

What is the opposite of potentiate?

attenuate decrease
lessen reduce

What is a synonym for potentiate?

potentiate, enhance, heighten, raise.

What is long term potentiation in AP Psychology?

Long-Term Potentiation is the ability of brain cells to retain how frequently they send signals to other brain cells. Brain cells that are used for mental exercises (such as languages and math problems) have a tendency to last longer than those that aren’t used.

What is potentiation receptor pharmacology?

Summary: Receptor potentiation was observed when the antagonists bind to receptors that consist of different subunits, where it acts as a subunit.

Who discovered concept of drug potentiation?

Enzyme-Potentiated Desensitization This method was developed by McEwen and colleagues in the 1960s and was studied for several decades.

What is potentiation training?

What is reflex potentiation?

Response of the muscle to nerve stimulation at rest is compared to the response during maximal contraction, thereby calculating a reflex potentia- tion ratio (56). Sale et al(58) suggested that reflex potentiation is a measure of the ability of motor units to fully activate during maximal contraction.

What is potentiation drug interaction?

Potentiation: when one drug does not elicit a response on its own but enhances the response to another drug.

What is drug potential?

The “Potential Drug-Drug Interaction” (potential DDI) concept refers to the possibility a drug has to alter the effects of another when both are simultaneously administered [2].

How do you use potentiate in a sentence?

Potentiate in a Sentence

  1. The two medicines prescribed by the doctor tend to potentiate each other and are stronger together than if taken separately.
  2. Alcohol can potentiate the central nervous system and caused depressed people to be even more despondent.

What is the synonym of efficacy?

effectiveness, success, successfulness, productiveness, fruitfulness, potency, power. benefit, advantage, value, virtue, use, usefulness. rare effectuality, constructiveness.

What is long-term potentiation memory?

Long-term potentiation, or LTP, is a process by which synaptic connections between neurons become stronger with frequent activation. LTP is thought to be a way in which the brain changes in response to experience, and thus may be an mechanism underlying learning and memory.

What is the English dictionary definition of potentiation?

Define potentiation. potentiation synonyms, potentiation pronunciation, potentiation translation, English dictionary definition of potentiation. tr.v. po·ten·ti·at·ed , po·ten·ti·at·ing , po·ten·ti·ates To make effective or more effective. po·ten′ti·a′tion n. American Heritage® Dictionary of the…

What is posttetanic potentiation?

2. posttetanic p. posttetanic potentiation an incrementing response without change of action potential amplitude, occurring with repetitive nerve stimulation. potentiation. a synergistic action in which the effect of two drugs given simultaneously is greater than the sum of the effects of each drug given separately.

What is long-term potentiation?

All rights reserved. Interaction between two or more drugs or agents resulting in a pharmacologic response greater than the sum of individual responses to each drug or agent. See Long-term potentiation.

What is the meaning of potent?

To make (something, especially a drug or a metabolic or chemical reaction) effective or effective. [From Latin potentia, power; see potential .] American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.

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