What is the population of Gomati DIstrict?

What is the population of Gomati DIstrict?


Gomati district
• Total 1,522.8 km2 (588.0 sq mi)
Population (2011)
• Total 441,538
• Density 290/km2 (750/sq mi)

How many block are there in Gomati Tripura?

Block : 8

2 Tepania Paramita Majumder
3 Killa Kamal Debbarma
4 Kakraban Anindya Datta Majumder
5 Amarpur Utpal Das

Who is the DM of Gomati DIstrict?

Shri Raval H. Kumar
District Administration

Name Designation Phone
Shri Raval H. Kumar (I.A.S) DIstrict Magistrate & Collector 9436131142
Pankaj Chakrabarti (TCS, S.S.G) ADM & Collector (Priority Project) 9436542212
Sri Arun Kumar Roy (T.C.S, S.S.G) ADM & Collector. 9436458895
Subrata Majumder (T.C.S) Senior Deputy Magistrate 9436470988

How many islands are in Dumboor Lake?

with an unending spell of luxuriant green vegetation all around stands majestic for her exceedingly charming beauty and 48 islands in the midst of the lake.

What is the Pincode of Gomati Tripura?

PIN Codes

Bampur 799101
Chellagong 799101
Dakshin Chandrapur 799013
Dakshin Maharani 799013

How many ADC village are there in Tripura?

are provision for reservation of women members of village committee as per the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Village Committee (Election of office bearers) Rules 2006. As many as 1662 women members 3652 nos. ST members and 20 nos. SC member were elected out of the total 527 ADC villages.

Who is the BDO of Tripura?


Name Designation Phone
Shri Subhabrata Bhattacharjee BDO
Shri Kamal Debbarma BDO 9436365627
Shri N. S. Chakma BDO 9436463124
Shri Bipul Das BDO 9862208303

Where is Dumbur lake located?

Dumboor Lake is a charming water body located in Amarpur Sub Division and 115 km away from Agartala. The look of the lake is like tabor shaped small drum, ‘Dumboor’ of Lord Shiva from which the name ‘Dumboor’ originates.

Who is the first IAS officer in Tripura?

Tanushree Debbarma is the first woman Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer in Tripura, India.

What is the STD code of Agartala?

STD & PIN Codes

Place STD Codes
Agartala 0381
Amarpur 03821
Ambassa 03826
Belonia 03823

What is the pin code of Teliamura?

Teliamura/Zip codes

What is ADC in Tripura?

The Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC) Act 1979 was passed by the Indian parliament after a series of democratic movements launched by the Indigenous people of Tripura, under the provision of the 6th scheduled of the Indian constitution.

When did ADC form in Tripura?

The Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council Bill, 1979 was unanimously passed by the Tripura Legislative Assembly on March 23, 1979. The Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council was constituted through vote by secret ballot in January 15, 1982 and the elected members were sworn in on January 18, 1982.

How many waterfalls are in Tripura?

Agartala: Tripura is well known to people across the country for its natural flora and fauna and historical places like Unakoti and Eastern India’s lone water palace Neermahal. But, did you know Tripura also has as many as 5 small waterfalls, while many are yet to be discovered by govt and organizations.

Which river flows in Tripura?

The burima,gomati, khowai,howrah, longai, dhalai, muhuri, feni, juri, manu are the major rivers . Besides, there are many small lakes and ponds in the state.

How do I get to Chabimura?

Arriving at Chabimura is the most straightforward task as Amarpur is well connected with the capital city Agartala via road. As mentioned earlier, Chabimura lies 90 kilometers from Agartala, and all it takes is a three-hour drive to reach Chabhimura.

Who is the first female IAS officer from Tripura?

Tanushree Debbarma
Tanushree Debbarma is the first woman Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer in Tripura, India. She was the first woman from Tripura to pass the IAS exam. She secured fourth place in the civil service examination in the ST category in 2006.

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