What is Lee Friedlander style of photography?

What is Lee Friedlander style of photography?

Working primarily with Leica 35mm cameras and black and white film, Friedlander’s style focused on the “social landscape”. His photographs used detached images of urban life, store-front reflections, structures framed by fences, and posters and signs all combining to capture the look of modern life.

What lens did Lee Friedlander use?

Camera: Leica M Lens: 35mm & 28mm Lee works exclusively with black and white film. For most of his career he used a Leica M camera with a 35mm Summicron, but has been known to shoot with a 28mm occasionally. Later in his career, he also started working with a Hasselblad Superwide medium format camera.

When did Lee Friedlander take photos?

Lee Friedlander began photographing the American social landscape in 1948. With an ability to organize a vast amount of visual information in dynamic compositions, Friedlander has made humorous and poignant images among the chaos of city life, dense natural landscape, and countless other subjects.

What inspired Lee Friedlander?

Born in Aberdeen, Washington in 1934, Friedlander was influenced by Eugène Atget, Robert, Frank, and Walker Evans. He moved to New York in 1956 and began photographing for Atlantic Records, where he captured blues and jazz legends such as Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus, and John Coltrane.

What kind of photograph is Lee Friedlander best remembered for?

social landscape
Lee Friedlander, in full Lee Norman Friedlander, (born July 14, 1934, Aberdeen, Washington, U.S.), American photographer known for his asymmetrical black-and-white pictures of the American “social landscape”—everyday people, places, and things. Friedlander’s interest in photography struck when he was 14.

Is Paul Caponigro still alive?

He has created a wonderful new world of his own”. John Paul Caponigro lives in Cushing, Maine with his photographer wife Arduina, and their son.

What jobs did Lee Friedlander have?

He also started to work as a freelance photographer for magazines such as Collier’s, Esquire, McCall’s, and Sports Illustrated.

Which photographer became famous in the 1970s for evolving an influential visual language of urban social landscape?

In the 1960s and 1970s, Friedlander evolved an influential and often imitated visual language of urban “social landscape,” with many of his photographs including fragments of store-front reflections, structures framed by fences, posters and street signs.

Where is Paul Caponigro?

Paul Caponigro (born December 7, 1932), is an American photographer from Boston, Massachusetts.

When was Paul Caponigro born?

December 7, 1932 (age 89 years)Paul Caponigro / Date of birth

What film does Lee Friedlander use?

Friedlander works exclusively with black and white film, and organizes his pictures in series, which he develops over the course of several decades. He uses a Leica 35mm or a Hasselblad Superwide – two cameras that can easily be carried and pass undetected by the people on the street.

Where is Paul Caponigro from?

Boston, MAPaul Caponigro / Place of birth

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