What is Josh Koscheck MMA record?

What is Josh Koscheck MMA record?

Josh Koscheck Record: 17-11-0.

Where is Josh Koscheck?

But back to the present day for the moment, where Koscheck is doing precious little to comfort his detractors. He owns four businesses now, three in his home base of Fresno, California, and one in North Carolina. They all keep him pretty busy—so busy he almost doesn’t have time anymore for this whole fighting business.

Did Josh Koscheck ever win a title?

National Collegiate Athletic Association In 2001, he went 42-0 and was the NCAA Division I National Champion in the 174-pound weight class.

Who did St-Pierre loss to?

Matt Serra
At UFC 69 in 2007, St-Pierre suffered only his second (and last, as of his official retirement in 2019) loss in MMA, when he lost the welterweight title to The Ultimate Fighter 4 winner Matt Serra when Serra forced the referee to step in after a series of unanswered strikes at 3:25 of round one.

Where did Josh Koscheck go to college?

PennWest EdinboroJosh Koscheck / College
Josh Koscheck Koscheck was a Division I champion at 174 pounds in his junior year and was an All-American all four years at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

Where did Chael Sonnen go to college?

West Linn High SchoolUniversity of OregonBrigham Young University
Chael Sonnen/Education

What happened to Diego Sanchez?

Former UFC star and winner of Season 1 of “The Ultimate Fighter,” Diego Sanchez has been hospitalized with pneumonia after a weeks-long battle with the COVID-19.

Was Paul Daley banned from UFC?

The UFC brass decided to cut British welterweight Paul Daley from their roster in 2010. A lifetime ban was imposed on Daley following an outrageous post-fight incident with Josh Koscheck. Paul Daley and Josh Koscheck shared the Octagon at UFC 113.

Why did Paul Daily leave the UFC?

UFC 113 Results: Paul Daley Cut From UFC After 113 Cheap Shot | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights.

  • August 19, 2022