What is EFM in the Navy?

What is EFM in the Navy?

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) The Department of the Navy (DON) EFM was established in September 1987 to coordinate ealry, special education and related services for children with disabilities who are attending, or eligible to attend.

What is EFMP paperwork?

Home Service Providers & Leaders EFMP/Special Needs. DD Form 2792, “Family Member Medical Summary,” January 2021 This form is used to document a family member’s special medical needs and for enrollment in the Exceptional Family Member Program.

Is EFMP enrollment mandatory?

Enrollment in the EFMP is mandatory for active duty service members who have dependent family members with ongoing medical, mental health, or special educational needs.

What does EFMP stand for?

Exceptional Family Member Program
EFMP: Exceptional Family Member Program • Military OneSource.

What does EFM stand for in the military?

exceptional family members
• The Navy’s Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is designed to assist sailors by. addressing the special needs of their exceptional family members (EFM) during the assignment. process. Special needs include any special medical, dental, mental health, developmental or.

Can EFMP cancel orders?

If they get orders to a particular location, EFMP can cause the orders to get canceled — even if the service member and their family want to go.

What happens if EFMP is denied?

“If they get denied, they can request a reconsideration, they can go unaccompanied or they can ask for a new assignment,” Sprecher said.

Does Anxiety count for EFMP?

Mental Health Conditions: ALL mental health conditions managed by Behavioral Health Provider with duration of medication or therapy greater than 6 months within the last 5 years. This includes all anxiety, depression, ODD, OCD, ADHD, PTSD and Schizophrenia.

Why does EFMP take so long?

The reason the process can be a long one is because members may have to make follow-up medical appointments in order to get proper paperwork filled out by their medical provider or specialists, a face-to-face screening with the EFMP special needs coordinator may need to take place, and a Facility Determination Inquiry …

What qualifies you for EFMP army?

Enrollment in the EFMP is mandatory for active duty military members who meet enrollment criteria. When a family member is identified with special medical or educational needs, those needs are documented through enrollment. Members of the National Guard or reserve may enroll according to service-specific guidance.

How long does the EFMP process take?

These forms can be submitted via email, fax or in person. The EFMP process can take up to 14 business days. All DA5888 must be sent encrypted to a government email address.

Does depression qualify for EFMP?

Why is EFMP taking so long?

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