What happened to feethams?

What happened to feethams?

Due to the small attendances at the arena, rumours spread that the arena could be sold and Darlington could return to Feethams, this was proved untrue; Feethams was finally demolished in February 2006 shortly after an arson attack.

Why are Darlington FC called the Quakers?

The club’s crest depicts Locomotion No. 1, referring to the town’s railway history; as well as a stylised Quaker hat, referring to the religious movement that had a historic influence on the town, and which was the source of the team’s nickname, the Quakers.

What was Darlington stadium called?

The arena was opened in the summer of 2003, as the new home ground of Darlington F.C., following the decision to leave their previous ground, Feethams, after the 2002–03 season….The Darlington Arena.

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Location Darlington, England
Owner Darlington Mowden Park
Capacity 25,500

When did Darlington leave feethams?

Feethams was Darlington FC’s home from 1883 until 2003. It might not have been one of the well known venues for football in this country, but it was our home and as such will always have a special place in our hearts. Feethams was used for football from the 1860′s until the club left for the Arena in 2003.

Who built Darlington football ground?

businessman George Reynolds
Local businessman George Reynolds took over, paid off the club’s debts and started construction of a new 27,000 all seater ground elsewhere in the town.

When was the Darlington Arena built?

2003Darlington Mowden Park Rugby Club / Opened

Where did George Reynolds live?

Reynolds was brought up in Sunderland and in his early life became involved in crime. His first conviction was for stealing cigarettes, which he traded for food for his family.

Is George Reynolds still alive?

April 13, 2021George Reynolds / Died

What are Bury FC called now?

A Bury fans’ group has completed a deal to purchase Gigg Lane from the administrator. The group known as Est. 1885 also say they have acquired the trading name, history, and memorabilia of Bury FC.

Who built Darlington Football Club?

George Reynolds (businessman)

George Reynolds
Born 12 May 1936 Sunderland, England
Died 13 April 2021 (aged 84)
Occupation Owner of Darlington F.C. (1999–2004)
Criminal penalty Three years (2005) two weeks (2007)

How much is George Reynolds worth?

Whilst in prison, a priest persuaded Reynolds to reform and begin studying. On his release, he established a series of businesses. These included a £25m kitchen surface factory based in Shildon. He amassed a £260 million fortune, and was ranked 112 in the Sunday Times rich list in 2000.

Is Gigg Lane abandoned?

Gigg Lane has been closed since August 2019. The club was placed in administration on 27 November 2020 and, the following May, the administrator put the ground up for sale. In August 2021, a fans-backed group, Est. 1885, was named among the bidders to buy the ground and club.

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