What frequency should toms be tuned to?

What frequency should toms be tuned to?

We suggest trying a top head Tune Frequency between 220Hz and 340Hz for a snare drum. Try tuning the bottom head 1,33 to 1,5 times higher (but not higher than 400Hz).

How tight should Tom heads be?

Tuneful Toms From finger‑tight, use the key in quarter‑turns. Working your way clockwise around most modern drums should be fine. As with the other drums, the heads of each tom‑tom should be well seated before you start tuning.

Do you need to tune toms?

While drums generally aren’t tuned to specific pitches, they do need to be tuned to produce clear, full tones. Learning how to tune your drum set will make you sound better and encourage you to play more often. With the proper tuning, even a beginner drum kit can sound great.

What Hz should my drums be?

A standard 14 inch snare drum can usually be tuned sound great at a fundamental frequency of 170 Hz and also tiger up at 200 Hz too. Thinner and lighter drumheads can be tuned to vibrate at higher frequencies, which is an acoustics principle that applies to guitar strings too.

Can you over tighten drums?

Over tightening will only stress and dammage the fasteners and cause threads to wear and strip. Hardware will loosen up from vibration caused by playing the kit so a quick check of every wing nut is needed about once a week on a kit that is played daily.

How do I get rid of overtones on toms?

If you don’t want the overtones, use moongels, available online or in music stores. Hydraulic heads are excellent overtone killers as well. Hydraulics with moongels will really kill the overtones. Hydraulics top and bottom with moongels top and bottom will produce an even deader sound.

How do you EQ toms?

Cut the Mids – Start your cutting at 300 Hz or so and sweep along the mids until the toms start sounding thicker. Subjectively, by taking out the middle frequencies you are making more room for the lows and highs to come out and play. Cut the boxy frequencies until you hear your toms getting thicker.

What is the best EQ for drums?

Nolly’s top 5 EQs for drums

  • FabFilter Pro-Q2. FabFilter’s Pro Q2 is my desert island EQ.
  • Kush Audio Electra DSP.
  • Slate Digital FG-N.
  • Waves SSL E-Channel Strip.
  • Softube Tube-Tech PE1C.

How loud should toms be?

It should be loud enough that the low frequencies are rich and powerful, but not so loud that it masks the bottom-end of the snare drum. Then, start bringing in the toms. These can be almost as loud as the snare if they’re used sparingly, but if they’re heavily featured they should sit a little further back in the mix.

How tight should the bottom tom drum head be?

To complete the seating process fully, take two drum keys and, working in opposite pairs, tension the head in half-turns, taking it up to a level of tightness that would be way above what most players would use. Quickly check that the head is roughly even all round and then leave for several hours.

  • September 15, 2022