What ethnicity is Cammy?

What ethnicity is Cammy?

Occupation Assassin (Shadaloo Cammy) Delta Red Agent
Fighting style Shadaloo assassination techniques (Shadaloo) Special forces Combatives (Delta Red)
Origin United Kingdom
Nationality English

Is Cammy the daughter of Bison?

Cammy was a female clone of Bison; however, she was the same age and acted the same way as the others, though it was later revealed that she could control the Psycho Drive. Except for Cammy, the Dolls’ names are based after the months of the year, in their home country’s language.

What is Cammy short for?

The name Cammie is primarily a gender-neutral name of English origin that means Perfect/Bent Nose. Female diminutive form (nickname) of the name Camilla, Cameron, or other names that start with Cam-

Are Cammy and Decapre sisters?

Cammy sees in Decapre’s eyes that she was taken away from Shadaloo and her voice where she calls Cammy as her sister (the same flashback shown in her Ultra Street Fighter IV prologue).

Does guile like Cammy?

In the Street Fighter animated series, Cammy becomes more flirtatious with Guile during or after their missions together. Despite her playfulness and forwardness, Guile remains loyal to his cause, the mission, and especially, to his love interest.

What’s the meaning of Cammy?

noun Informal. camouflage. cammies, a camouflage uniform; a camouflage garment or garments.

Is Cammy a male or female name?

Cammy – Girl’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

Is Decapre a clone of Cammy?

Decapre is… yes, a Cammy clone.

Are Cammy and Guile siblings?

Guile. Cammy and Guile are friends and often team up together with Chun-Li for missions (mostly involving Shadaloo). In C. Viper’s Street Fighter IV: Aftermath, the two of them, along with Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li, confront M.

Who is Guiles wife?

Julia(ユリア Yuria?), known as Jane in the English Street Fighter II games, Is Guile’s wife and Amy’s mother.

  • September 19, 2022