What does Sarpedon do in the Iliad?

What does Sarpedon do in the Iliad?

What did Sarpedon do in the Trojan War? Sarpedon is a Trojan ally in “The Iliad.” He comes from Lycia, but he and his men try to protect Troy from the Greek forces. Sarpedon is a valiant warrior who is ultimately killed by Patroclus.

What did Sarpedon do in the Trojan War?

Sarpedon, in Greek legend, son of Zeus, the king of the gods, and Laodameia, the daughter of Bellerophon; he was a Lycian prince and a hero in the Trojan War. As recounted in Homer’s Iliad, Book XVI, Sarpedon fought with distinction on the side of the Trojans but was slain by the Greek warrior Patroclus.

What is Sarpedon known for?

He is one of three sons of Europa. Regardless of his origin, Sarpedon is known for his heroic presence in battle. Sadly, he is also known for the dishonor of his body after his death.

What happens to Patroclus after he kills Sarpedon?

Patroclus faces Sarpedon, a Trojan ally and a son of Zeus, and eventually kills him. Zeus considers saving Sarpedon from Patroclus, but Hera scolds him, telling Zeus not to interfere in Sarpedon’s mortal destiny. As a compromise, Zeus decides to send his body home intact after Patroclus kills him.

What does Sarpedon mean?

Definition of Sarpedon : a son of Zeus and Europa and king of Lycia killed in the Trojan War.

Why did Zeus not save Sarpedon?

Zeus considers saving his son Sarpedon, but Hera persuades him that the other gods would either look down upon him for it or try to save their own mortal offspring in turn. Zeus resigns himself to Sarpedon’s mortality.

Can Zeus save Sarpedon?

Zeus resigns himself to Sarpedon’s mortality. Patroclus soon spears Sarpedon, and both sides fight over his armor. Hector returns briefly to the front in an attempt to retrieve the armor. Zeus decides to kill Patroclus for slaying Sarpedon, but first he lets him rout the Trojans.

What does the fate of Sarpedon tell us about Zeus?

The Fate of Sarpedon He basically tells the other gods how the war will end, and while he mourns the fate of his son, Zeus knows he can not get in the way of what must be.

Where is Sarpedon located?

Sarpedon (Ancient Greek: Σαρπηδών) was a coastal town of ancient Cilicia, mentioned by the anonymous author of the Periplus of Pseudo-Scylax as abandoned in his time ( c. 330s BCE). Its site is likely located near Cape Sarpedonion (Incekum Burnu) in Asiatic Turkey.

What happens to Sarpedons armor?

Zeus decided the Greeks should get the body of Sarpedon, so he makes Hector fearful, recognizing the gods have turned against him, so he flees on his chariot with the Trojans following. The Greeks strip the armor from Sarpedon.

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