What does mbote mean in Lingala?

What does mbote mean in Lingala?

The word you will probably hear most as you begin to speak Lingala is mbote (m-BOH-teh), which means ‘hello’. It can be used at any time of day or night and is most properly followed by the person’s name, such as ‘Mbote Jenny’ or ‘Mbote Helena’, although it just as often stands alone as a greeting.

What is Bolinhas?

Bolinhas are delicious coconut cookies or biscuits which baked to be lightly crisp on the outside & soft inside.

What does Elengi mean Lingala?

elengi, pl. bilengi (class 7/8 : e- / bi-) pleasure, what gives pleasure. good taste, delicious. cozy, nice feeling, beauty, gentleness.

What is the meaning of Mobimba?

complete, whole, entire
complete, whole, entire.

What does Penza mean in Lingala?

really, truly. very. 19 examples (bandakisa zómi na libwá) na ntongo penza. eleko ya mokolo.

What does Likolo mean in Lingala?

likoló, pl. makolo (class 5/6 : li- / ma- (parts of body, fauna, flora,…)) sky. above, on top of. (cause) because (over…)

What is Bolinhas and Bol?

bolin plays an important role in occasions in goa. They are a type of bread. Bol plays an important role in marriage in Goa and Bolinhas is used to increase the interest of Christmas and other festivals.

What is Bol and Bolinhas known as?

It is needed for marriage gift ( Sweet breads known as the bol), in parties and Christmas celebration (in the form of cakes and bolinhas) , daughter’s engagement ( for preparing sandwiches ). The elders were given loaves and the children were given bread-bangles. It is necessary to have breads for every occasion.

What is the meaning of Malamu?

[Skt.] n. An excretion, especially applied to the f&oeces, dung, dirt, filth, dregs, sediment. Sin, pollution.

What is Kabai?

Ans. A kabai is a type of frock made out of a single piece of cloth.

Who is a Pader?

Answer: Anyone who wears a half-pant which reaches just below the knees invites the comment that “he is dressed like a pader”. This was so because the bakers were known as pader and they wore such half pants.

What is lobas?

Loba is a Legend that was introduced in Season 5 that is locked from the base game. She can be unlocked using digital currency: either 12,000 or. 750, or by buying the Champion Edition. A Support Legend specializing in getting the highest quality loot.

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