What council is Huntingdon under?

What council is Huntingdon under?

Huntingdonshire (/ˈhʌntɪŋdənʃər, -ʃɪər/; abbreviated Hunts) is a non-metropolitan district of Cambridgeshire and a historic county of England. The district council is based in Huntingdon….

Admin HQ Huntingdon
Incorporated 1 April 1974
• Type Non-metropolitan district council

What council does yaxley come under?

Yaxley is a part of the district ward of Yaxley and Farcet and is represented on the district council by three councillors. District councillors serve for four-year terms following elections to Huntingdonshire District Council.

What council does St Neots fall under?

Homepage of Huntingdonshire District Council – Huntingdonshire.gov.uk.

Is Huntingdonshire a county?

Huntingdonshire, historic county and administrative district of the administrative county of Cambridgeshire, east-central England. The administrative district and the historic county of Huntingdonshire cover slightly different areas.

What county is Huntingdon in?


District Huntingdonshire
Shire county Cambridgeshire
Region East
Country England

Is Peterborough in Cambridgeshire?

Peterborough, city and unitary authority, geographic county of Cambridgeshire, England.

Was Yaxley a Death Eater?

Corban Yaxley was a Dark Wizard and a Death Eater who fought during the First Wizarding War. Yaxley did not search for Voldemort after his first downfall, but this was forgiven after Voldemort’s return in 1995. Yaxley also fought at several battles of the Second Wizarding War, such as the Battle of the Astronomy Tower.

Is Yaxley a nice place to live?

Yaxley is among the top 5 safest small towns in Cambridgeshire, and is the 46th most dangerous overall out of Cambridgeshire’s 262 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Yaxley in 2021 was 60 crimes per 1,000 people.

What is the largest town in Cambridgeshire?

Population ranking

# Settlement Borough/District
1 Peterborough Peterborough
2 Cambridge / Milton Cambridge
3 Wisbech Fenland
4 St Neots Huntingdonshire

What council is Cambridge?

Home – Cambridge City Council.

Is Essex the flattest county?

Cambridgeshire is the flattest county in the United Kingdom.

Is Peterborough in Cambridgeshire or Northamptonshire?

Is Huntingdon a nice place to live?

Huntingdonshire has been rated as one of the top 20 places to live in the country, according to a new study.

What is the flattest part of England?

Cambridgeshire is the flattest county in the United Kingdom. It is also the most low-lying with large areas at just above sea-level. Holme Fen is notable for being the UK’s lowest physical point at 2.75 m (9 ft) below sea level.

What is yaxley wand made of?

This official Noble Collection reproduction of Corban Yaxley’s wand is cast from resin and is not intended for use as a toy. Wand measures 39cm and comes presented in a sturdy grey carboard display box.

Is yaxley a pureblood?

Yaxley was the surname of a pure-blood wizarding family, and one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight. They were related to the Black and Flint families, and more distantly to the Gamp, Burke, Bulstrode, Longbottom. Weasley, and Crouch families.

Is Wisbech rough?

Wisbech. Unlike most of the other areas of Cambridgeshire where crime has fallen, crime numbers have risen in Wisbech, with 382 crimes recorded, up from the 374 recorded in January. Sexual and violent crime was the most recorded crime – with 106 incidents recorded, much the same as numbers at the start of the year.

  • August 25, 2022