What bit depth should I use?

What bit depth should I use?

For consumer/end-user -type applications, a bit depth of 16 bits is fine. For anything more professional, 24-bit audio should be used. It’s good to note that all professional DAWs are using an internal bit depth of 32 or 64 bits these days.

Can you change bit depth in Pro Tools?

According to manual “You can change the bit depth for all newly recorded or imported (and converted) files in the session by selecting a different Bit Depth option in the Session Setup window.”

Is 16 or 24-bit depth better?

16 bits is all you need That’s all we need bit depth for. There’s no benefit in using huge bit depths for audio masters. Alexey Ruban Due to the way noise gets summed during the mixing process, recording audio at 24 bits makes sense. It’s not necessary for the final stereo master.

Should you export in 32-bit?

24 bit is usually preferred (and more standard) but 32bit shouldn’t be a problem for most mastering engineers, so just ask your ME first. both is fine (but 24bit more typical). i case of 24bit just make sure, that your output level is not too low & you don’t have any clipping.

Is higher bit depth better?

The higher the bit depth, the more data will be captured to more accurately re-create the sound. If the bit depth is too low, information will be lost, and the reproduced sample will be degraded. For perspective, each sample recorded at 16-bit resolution can contain any one of 65,536 unique values (216).

Which is better 16 bit or 32-bit audio?

The only real difference between 16, 24 and 32 bit audio is the dynamic range. A 16, 24, or 32 bit audio file will not capture any “extra” frequencies or produce something that sounds more “3D”. Bit depth just determines the noise floor of the audio file.

How do I change bit depth and sample rate in Pro Tools?

Change the sample rate in Pro Tools

  1. Navigate to File, select Save As, then choose a name and location for your project.
  2. Close out of that project, then create a new one at the desired sample rate.
  3. With the new project open, navigate to File, select Import, then choose Import Session Data.

How do I change bit rate in Pro Tools?

Re: changing the bit rate?

  1. File > New.
  2. Configure your options (format, sample rate, bit depth, etc)
  3. Click OK.

Which is better 16-bit or 32-bit audio?

Does Pro Tools work with 32-bit?

Pro Tools uses a 32-bit floating point mixer, allowing an enormous amount of internal headroom (around 1000dB!)

How do I change bitrate in Pro Tools?

What sample rate should I record at?

Recording: For pop music stick to 48 kHz, but 44.1 kHz is acceptable. For audiophile music or sound design you may prefer 96 kHz. Mixing: Mix sessions should remain at the sample rate of the recording.

  • September 4, 2022