What are the hunting seasons in New Brunswick?

What are the hunting seasons in New Brunswick?

White-Tailed Deer. • Closed – WMZ 4, 5, 9.

  • WMZ 6-8, 10-27. October 4 – November 21.
  • WMZ 6-8, 10-27. October 25 – November 21.
  • Spruce Grouse, Ruffed Grouse. October 1 – December 31.
  • Varying Hare, Groundhog, Coyote, Crow. October 1 – February 28.
  • What day does deer season end in New Brunswick?

    The season runs until Nov. 22 in most areas, except Nov. 8 in Wildlife Management Zones 1-3 in northwestern New Brunswick. Deer hunting is not allowed in Wildlife Management Zones 4, 5 and 9 in the northern part of the province.

    What day does deer season start in New Brunswick?

    Oct. 27
    Recent deer management efforts and milder winters throughout much of New Brunswick have helped increase the deer population in the province. The province is reminding hunters to be safe just days before the general deer hunt begins on Oct. 27.

    What can you hunt in New Brunswick?

    Hunting in New Brunswick will give you everything from trophy white-tailed deer to black bears, moose, waterfowl, upland game and even wild turkey. And you’ll find it all in the sprawling forests, secluded marshes, and coastal woods of New Brunswick.

    How long is the deer hunting season in New Brunswick?

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    New Brunswick Bear Spring – April 18 – June 30 Fall – September 1 – November 5 Deer Archery – October 3 – 22 Gun – October 24 – November 5 Moose September 20 – September 24

    Where is the best hunting in New Brunswick?

    OMM’s hunting area is known as one of the largest Whitetail deer yards in New Brunswick. With a large population of mature bucks, tens of thousands of acres of gated and non-gated areas provide low pressure hunting in this remote wilderness.

    Can you hunt on Sunday in New Brunswick?

    Hunting on Sunday Hunting is prohibited on all Sundays except those that fall between Oct. 14 and Dec. 31, inclusive, in any year.

    Can you hunt without a pal in New Brunswick?

    Part A is a requirement to obtain a federal Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) in Canada. Both Parts A and B are required by first-time hunters or persons born on, or after, Jan. 1, 1981 to purchase a New Brunswick hunting licence.

    How much is a deer license in New Brunswick?


    Fee Description Rate in $
    Resident Licences
    Deer and Game Bird (Ages 16-64) + $5 conservation fee 29.00
    Deer and Game Bird (Seniors 65+) + $5 conservation fee 14.00
    Antlerless Deer Draw Application 4.00

    What is needed to hunt in New Brunswick?

    16- and 17-year-old hunters who wish to purchase a Resident or Non-Resident Deer and Game Bird Licence must show proof of a Firearm Safety / Hunter Education course or a stand-alone Bowhunter Education course. While hunting, they must be accompanied by an adult holder of a valid Deer or Bear Licence.

    Are there elk in New Brunswick?

    Elk are not native to New Brunswick and are considered a risk to wildlife species in the provinces, Bertin said. Rod Cumberland, a certified wildlife biologist, said the incident points to why biologists “aren’t crazy about having exotic animals in captivity.”

    Where can I tag a deer in New Brunswick?

    Tags are available at vendors, SNB Centres and Natural Resource and Energy Development offices at no cost. Be sure to pick up multiple tags to last you a few years.

    Can you target shoot on Sunday in NB?

    All shooting must be in strict accordance with the Fish and Wildlife Act concerning legal discharge distances and time of day. Permits are only granted for those Sundays when hunting is permitted.

    Are there moose in New Brunswick?

    The moose population is abundant in some areas of Canada such as New Brunswick and Newfoundland, but is endangered in mainland Nova Scotia.

    How much is a deer tag in New Brunswick?

    How much is a deer license in NB?

    Hunting Licences

    Big Game Bundle (available January 1st) Total + HST
    Deer-Bear Bundle (available January 1st) Total + HST
    Resident Deer-Bear Bundle (includes Deer and Game Bird, Bear Licences) $66.75
    Resident Deer-Bear Bundle (Age 65 & over) (includes Deer and Game Bird, Bear Licences) $37.50

    Where is the best deer hunting in New Brunswick?

    Are there wolves in New Brunswick?

    Wolves are exceptionally rare in New Brunswick, but some genes of the animal remain. This is the story of how a hybrid predator found its place in the province. As the high snows of a northern New Brunswick winter began to shrink with the promise of spring, the forest harboured a beast not seen in a lifetime.

    Can you shoot coyotes in New Brunswick?

    The coyote is classed as a furbearer in New Brunswick and can be hunted year-round. Trapping and snaring season is five months long. Coyotes causing problems on private land may be killed without a hunting licence.

    Are there mountain lions in New Brunswick?

    The Eastern Cougar is a source of mystique and controversy in New Brunswick. There exists little concrete proof that it is a permanent resident of the province, even though there are often reports of sightings.

    • October 14, 2022