What are the 7 directional terms used in anatomy?

What are the 7 directional terms used in anatomy?

Anatomical Directional Terms

  • Anterior: In front of, front.
  • Posterior: After, behind, following, toward the rear.
  • Distal: Away from, farther from the origin.
  • Proximal: Near, closer to the origin.
  • Dorsal: Near the upper surface, toward the back.
  • Ventral: Toward the bottom, toward the belly.
  • Superior: Above, over.

What are the 3 directional planes?

Anterior or ventral – front (example, the kneecap is located on the anterior side of the leg). Posterior or dorsal – back (example, the shoulder blades are located on the posterior side of the body). Medial – toward the midline of the body (example, the middle toe is located at the medial side of the foot).

What are the 4 directional terms?

Up, Down, Side-to-Side: Directional Terms

Anterior At or near the front of the body (front view)
Medial Nearer to midline (side view)
Superior Toward the head/upper part of a structure (bird’s-eye view, looking down)
Inferior Away from the head/lower part of a structure (bottom view, looking up)

What are the 18 directional terms?

Directional terms

  • superior: closer to the head.
  • inferior: farther away from the head.
  • anterior: toward the front of the body.
  • posterior: toward the back of the body.
  • medial: toward the midline of the body.
  • lateral: away form the midline of the body.
  • proximal: closer to the trunk.
  • distal: away from the trunk.

What is sagittal plane in anatomy?

In anatomy, the sagittal plane (/ˈsædʒɪtəl/), or longitudinal plane, is an anatomical plane which divides the body into right and left parts. The plane may be in the center of the body and split it into two halves (mid-sagittal) or away from the midline and split it into unequal parts (para-sagittal).

What is oblique plane in anatomy?

An oblique plane is a plane that can literally be any type of angle other than a horizontal or vertical angle. In fact, the word “oblique” means that something is not parallel or a right angle.

How many planes are there in anatomy?

three planes
There are three planes commonly used; sagittal, coronal and transverse.

What are the planes of the brain?

Because the brain is a three dimensional structure, any location in the brain can be localized on three planes – the x, y and z planes. The brain is can be cut on any of these planes and are named the coronal plane, the horizontal plane or the sagittal plane.

What is the dorsal plane?

Dorsal Plane: A Dorsal Plane is parallel to the back [for: head, neck, trunk, tail]. Transverse Plane: A Transverse Plane is perpendicular to the long axis of the body [head, neck, trunk, tail].

What is longitudinal plane?

A longitudinal plane is any plane perpendicular to the transverse plane. The coronal plane and the sagittal plane are examples of longitudinal planes.

What are the planes of body?

What are the 3 planes of motion in the body?

  • Sagittal Plane: Cuts the body into left and right halves. Forward and backward movements.
  • Coronal (or Frontal Plane): Cuts the body into front and back halves. Side-to-side movements.
  • Transverse Plane: Cuts the body into top and bottom halves. Twisting movements.

What is coronal plane in anatomy?

Coronal plane – a vertical line which divides the body into a front (anterior) section and back (posterior) section.

What are planes of the body?

Anatomical Planes in a Human: There are three basic planes in zoological anatomy: sagittal, coronal, and transverse.

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