Is Treme worth watching?

Is Treme worth watching?

The question is: Is “Treme” worth watching? As a history lesson in post-Katrina New Orleans, it absolutely is. It’s as good a historical artifact of a certain time and place as you are likely to see.

How do you pronounce Treme?

Treme: trem-MAY.

Who from the wire is in Treme?

Wendell Pierce starred as William “Bunk” Moreland in The Wire and starred as Antoine Batiste in Treme. Clarke Peters starred as Lester Freamon in The Wire and starred as Albert Lambreaux in Treme. Jim True-Frost starred as Roland Pryzbylewski in The Wire and has a recurring guest role as James Woodrow in Treme.

How did Treme end?

Director Agnieszka Holland ended the sequence with the chilling image of the jailed Daymo lifting his head until his eyes were lost in pools of shadow and he resembled a corpse lying in its casket – and with that we were back in the present and at his funeral. Treme has been a curate’s egg.

Who are Treme characters based on?

TREME’S CHARACTERS ARE REAL Or inspired by real-life NOLA citizens, anyway. Janette Desautel (Kim Dickens), the show’s resident restaurant owner who struggles to get her business back up and running post-Katrina is loosely based on well-known chef Susan Spicer of the Bayona restaurant.

Where was Treme filmed?

New Orleans
“Treme,” which has been shot almost exclusively in New Orleans, showcases the city’s clubs, attractions, street scenes and resident musicians.

Why is it called French Quarter in New Orleans?

The French Quarter is located on the banks of the Mississippi River where New Orleans was established by the French in 1718. The site was selected not only because the riverfront is relatively high amid low-lying swampland, but because of its proximity to Lake Pontchartrain which, via Bayou St.

Who is Davis in Treme?

Steve Zahn played Davis McAlary, a radio DJ and band member/leader – like Rogan. Rogan also served as a consultant on Treme and was a writer on one of the episodes. He also appeared in several episodes as a member of McAlary’s band, DJ Davis and the Brassy Knoll.

Is Steve Zahn from New Orleans?

Zahn, a Minnesota native who grew up in Mankato, spent a few weeks in New Orleans two decades ago while performing in a touring Broadway show.

  • September 1, 2022