Is Pastest enough for Mrcpch?

Is Pastest enough for Mrcpch?

I have recommended Pastest to many of my friends. I have used Pastest for preparing for the MRCPCH exams (FOP/TAS and AKP) and I would highly recommend it for candidates. It is without a doubt an essential tool to help you understand the questions that are going to potentially be asked in the actual exam.

How difficult is Mrcpch?

Secondly do not despair, the exams are designed to be tough. The pass mark for both exams varies, but is usually between 62-65%. The exams are not a representation of your ability to be a good doctor – in fact, some of the best clinicians fail these exams repeatedly but fly through MRCPCH clinical first time.

How long does it take to prepare for Mrcpch?

Practice, practice, practice. Start around 6-7 weeks before the exam, longer than this and you will burn out too quickly.

How many parts are in Mrcpch?

In the MRCPCH theory exams we use several different question types. The commonest in all three parts are Single Best Answer types (SBAs).

Is MRCPCH Recognised in India?

Yes, MRCP in the UK is equivalent to MD qualification in India. So, as an MRCP UK Diploma holder, you can easily pursue a career in Indian hospitals without completing an MD.

Is MRCPCH a degree?

It is responsible for the postgraduate training of paediatricians and conducts the Membership of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (MRCPCH) exams. It also awards the Diploma in Child Health (DCH), which is taken by many doctors who plan a career in general practice.

Can I practice in UK after MRCPCH?

After you have passed all parts of MRCP(UK) you can apply for a full registration with a license to practice. Once the GMC have approved your application, you can work as a doctor in the UK.

Is MRCP worth doing?

With the status attached to an MRCP degree, you can get better job offers, more professional benefits, and higher pay. Lastly, successfully passing the MRCP exam boosts your CV for fellowships and other medical ventures. And these benefits alone make this postgraduate degree worth it!

Is MRCPCH Recognised in USA?

In the US, the requirements for medical residency training positions include USMLE exams and ECFMG certification. An applicant is always able to take whatever exams they would choose, but taking MRCP exams when one’s goal is a US residency is an unnecessary detour.

Is MRCP prestigious?

It has status and prestige because it is the examination of the Royal Colleges of Physicians and as a result of the examination’s international reach. As a whole the examination is seen as having a high academic standard: difficult and demanding to pass, but appropriately so.

Is MRCP tough?

MRCP (UK) exam assesses candidates based on their basic sciences and clinical skills. To clear this exam, advanced hands-on knowledge of applied basic sciences and medical principles is necessary. As a result, MRCP is difficult; there’s no doubt in that fact.

How difficult is MRCP?

Is Mrcgp hard?

The MRCGP AKT is a challenging exam with a significant failure rate – over 1 in 4 candidates fail each exam, with the long term mean pass rate around 73% – however, the exam has become more challenging in recent years, with the mean pass rate since 2018 being just 67.7%.

How tough is MRCP?

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Is Pastest enough for MRCPCH?

Is Pastest enough for MRCPCH?

I have recommended Pastest to many of my friends. I have used Pastest for preparing for the MRCPCH exams (FOP/TAS and AKP) and I would highly recommend it for candidates. It is without a doubt an essential tool to help you understand the questions that are going to potentially be asked in the actual exam.

Is MRCPCH difficult?

Even though the MRCPCH exam is considered the toughest one to clear, it is worth taking to get specialized in pediatrics in India. Best of all, MRCPCH has been recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and considered equivalent to a master’s degree in medicine in India.

How many questions is the Pastest?

5000 questions
More than 5000 questions are available and by the time you get done with all of them, you stop feeling like you don’t know anything. Moreover, I was very grateful that Pastest provides past papers as well.

How do I start preparing for MRCPCH?

Do as many questions as possible, and then read around that particular subject. Don’t sit down and read at textbook from cover to cover. Passing the exam is based on pattern recognition; the same areas come up again and again. This can only be learnt by repeatedly doing questions.

Which is better Pastest or eMRCS?

Pastest : Over 4,300 MRCS A exam-themed questions. Number of questions available is highest offering a broad coverage of most subject areas. Their website is better in terms of usability and looks. eMRCS : Over 2,000 Single Best Answer and Extended Matching questions based on themes from previous exams.

Is Mrcpch Recognised by MCI?

Institutions starting MRCP programmes do not have to follow standards set by the MCI or the National Board of Examination, which control postgraduate medical education.

Is Pastest good for MRCS A?

Pastest is a great website for studying for MRCS A. Huge number of questions plus helpful e-lectures. In my honest and sincere opinion, PASTEST is simply the best for MRCS examinations.

Are Pastest paces worth it?

I recommend Pastest PACES to all candidates. Excellent teaching materials, very useful to clear MRCP. Videos of clinical patients are very good and helpful for clearing PACES. The Pastest PACES videos are really fantastic, especially the Neurology & BCC ones.

Is Pastest enough for MRCP 1?

Past Papers are Perfect Practice! After each exam sitting, Pastest produces an MRCP Part 1 Past Paper, which includes similar proportions of specialty questions and similar themes to those tested in the exam. Analysis of Pastest users clearly shows an advantage to the candidates who use these papers.

How useful is Pastest for MRCPCH FOP exam?

Very useful for both MRCPCH FOP/TAS and AKP, this is the best one for all aspirants of MRCPCH. Pastest is very useful and reliable. It’s a definite pass when you subscribe to Pastest and finish the questions in their question bank. All questions are very exam orientated and it gives you the feel of sitting for the real exam.

How do I prepare for the MRCPCH AKP exam?

Get ‘exam ready’ by using mock tests that reflect the structure, content and difficulty seen in the real MRCPCH AKP exam Whether you’re on a break from the wards or you’re travelling in to work, the free, highly-rated Pastest app will help you to fit your MRCPCH AKP revision around your paediatric training.

What are the different types of MRCPCH exams?

Three of the four are theory exams: MRCPCH Foundation of Practice (FOP); MRCPCH Theory and Science (TAS); and MRCPCH Applied Knowledge and Practice (AKP). MRCPCH Clinical is the final examination.

What is the MRCPCH TAS exam?

MRCPCH Theory and Science is an exam which assesses the basic scientific, physiological and pharmacological principles of clinical practice, as well as the principles of evidence-based practice. The MRCPCH TAS exam typically consists of 70 SBAs and 10 EMQs.

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