Is light or dark better in Kotor?

Is light or dark better in Kotor?

Light side has best buffs for guardian playstyle, dark side has best ability to kill squads of enemies with force lightning. Thats usually what it comes down to for me, im trying for a palpatine style playthrough right now as super squishy but saberific and full of force powers.

What is the best Jedi class in Kotor?

The Scout is the most versatile of the three classes and is the best choice for players planning ahead for their iconic Star Wars Jedi class.

Are heavy weapons Good KotOR?

In KOTOR 1, do Heavy Weapons give you an extra attack like double bladed melee weapons, or do they just use a larger damage die? Sadly, heavy weapons are objectively worse than rifles IIRC. D10 damage dice but no increase in critical threat or greater attack bonus and you need a different specialization to use them.

Which sword is Ajunta pall?

The correct sword is the notched sword. If you give this one to the statue, then “you have chosen wisely.” The spirit will give you the magnificent Ajunta Pall’s Blade and you’ll get 1000xp.

Can you get Revans armor in KotOR?

Darth Revan’s robes are found on the Star Forge, so they aren’t available until the last stages of the game. These are the robes that Revan wore during the height of their power as a Sith Lord. The robes can be recreated by Revan on the Star Forge through the Replicator on Deck 2 with up to 25 Computer Spikes.

Can you be a GREY Jedi in KOTOR?

You can play through the game as a ‘Gray’ Jedi, keeping your alignment balanced, but there aren’t any nifty bonuses for doing so, even though it’s actually tougher to remain neutral than to pick the path of the light of the dark as you get deeper into the game; not to mention the fact that one of the major themes …

What is the best Kotor build?

Star Wars: KOTOR – The Best Builds You Need To Try

  • 8 The Canonical Revan Build.
  • 7 Critical Strike Build.
  • 6 Blaster Master Build.
  • 5 Immunity Build.
  • 4 Ultimate Scoundrel.
  • 3 Force Build.
  • 2 Darth Build.
  • 1 Obi-Wan Build. This build mimics the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi’s abilities.

Do enemies level with you in KotOR?

Enemies do not ‘level up’. They are completely static. The most you’ll get are stronger variants of existing enemies.

Does Dueling work for blaster rifles Kotor?

No, no benefit from duelling or two weapon fighting for rifles or heavy weapons. The advantage of rifles/heavy weapons is that they generally inflict more damage than a single pistol so reducing the need to use feat picks for two weapon fighting to be able to use two pistols effectively if you want other feats instead.

Who was the first Darth?

Masters. Ajunta Pall was a male Human Jedi Master and the leader of the Dark Jedi that were exiled from the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic following the Hundred-Year Darkness. Upon his arrival on Korriban, he became the first Dark Lord of the Sith.

  • September 1, 2022