Is it free to go to Uluru?

Is it free to go to Uluru?

Visiting The Park Entry fees are as follows: $38: Adult pass valid for three consecutive days. $50: Adult annual pass. $109: Northern Territory annual parking pass.

What is special about Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park?

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is named after two of Australia’s most spectacular sites: the world-famous sandstone monolith of Uluru and the red domes of Kata Tjuta. Our dual World Heritage-listed park is in the heart of the Central Australian desert, about 450 km from Alice Springs.

Can you drink the water at Uluru?

Is all tap water at Uluru drinkable? Yes. The water out of the taps/faucets is drinkable.

How much does it cost to walk around Uluru?

Uluru Base Walk The walk is 10.6 km loop around the entire base of Ayers Rock. It takes most people around 3.5 hours to complete. Whilst most people might baulk at walking 10 km, the information provided on the signs on this walk are worth the walk. Even better, the walk it is completely flat.

Can you see the field of lights for free?

You can’t turn up to see the Field of Light whenever you like. You need to book a tour to see it and, of course, you need to see it when it is dark.

How much does it cost to climb Uluru?

An adult three-day pass will increase from $25 to $38 and annual adult passes will rise from $32.50 to $50. In its email, Parks Australia said the price to enter the park had not increased for 16 years and the price hike was in line with inflation.

What is Kata Tjuta made of?

Kata Tjuta is made from a conglomerate of pebbles and boulders cemented by sand and mud. Most of the pieces are granite and basalt, which give the conglomerate a plum-pudding effect.

Who is Kata Tjuta important to?

Meaning ‘many heads’, Kata Tjuta is sacred to the local Aboriginal Anangu people, who have inhabited the area for more than 22,000 years. It forms an important focus of their spiritual life. As a visitor you can join a cultural tour to learn some of the region’s sacred history and Dreamtime stories.

Is Uluru alcohol free?

Uluru. You can drink alcohol at designated sunset viewing areas.

Can you smoke at Uluru?

For those guests who wish to smoke, there are designated outdoor smoking areas signposted throughout the resort. Electronic cigarettes are only permitted within the designated smoking areas.

Can you explore Uluru by yourself?

Uluru is a great place to base yourself. It features a range of accommodation options and endless sightseeing opportunities just a short drive or walk away. For some real Outback driving hit the Lasseter Highway and head north.

How old is the Uluru?

about 550 million years ago
Uluru and Kata Tjuta started to form about 550 million years ago. Back then, the Petermann Ranges to the west of Kata Tjuta were much taller than they are now. Rainwater flowed down the mountains, eroding sand and rock and dropping it in big fan shapes on the plains.

How many people have been killed by climbing Uluru?

37 people
An estimated 37 people have died on Uluru since Western tourists began climbing the site in the middle of last century via a track so steep in parts that some scared visitors descend backward or on all fours. Some slipped on wet rock and fell to their deaths.

How does Uluru make money?

The Anangu traditional owners of Uluru receive only a quarter of the millions of dollars in entry fees paid by tourists who visit the national park.

How old is Kata Tjuta?

Uluru and Kata Tjuta started to form about 550 million years ago. Back then, the Petermann Ranges to the west of Kata Tjuta were much taller than they are now.

  • September 20, 2022