Is double handed backhand better?

Is double handed backhand better?

The two-handed backhand may be a less destructive shot than the one-hander, but it is also more reliable: the extra hand on the racket means it is easier to handle incoming pace and spin, and to swing the racket along a predictable path.

Which hand is dominant in double handed backhand?

Some technique tips for the two-handed backhand. Grip: the dominant hand should be between an Eastern backhand and continental grip and the second hand between continental and an Australian grip.

Who has the fastest backhand in tennis?

Fastest average backhand speed

1 Nikoloz Basilashvili Camila Giorgi
2 Pedro Sousa Bernarda Pera
3 Aslan Karatsev Aryna Sabalenka
4 Norbert Gombos Elena Rybakina

What is the fastest backhand in tennis?

Average Backhand Speed (MPH)

  • Nikoloz Basilashvili = 71.2 mph.
  • John Millman = 70.2 mph.
  • Rafael Nadal = 69.8 mph.
  • Ugo Humbert = 69.2 mph.
  • Jannik Sinner = 69.1 mph.

Who has the most powerful backhand?

1. Richard Gasquet. Richard Gasquet possesses the most technically sound one-handed backhanded on the ATP World Tour. Combining grace and precision, Gasquet’s backhand is absolutely lethal.

What is a neo backhand?

The “neo-backhand” is widely credited as having won Federer the 2017 Australian Open as he was able to keep points short, hitting winners off the return of serve and creating sharp angles early in rallies. Most importantly, Federer could neutralise Nadal’s forehand in the final with such a powerful and flat shot.

What grip does Nadal use on backhand?

For Nadal’s two-handed backhand, he uses a continental grip for his dominant hand and a semi-western grip for his non-dominant hand, which is a modification of the typical eastern grip for the non-dominant hand.

  • August 10, 2022