Is BBC podcast free?

Is BBC podcast free?

You can listen to or download most podcasts for free on the BBC Sounds app or from the BBC Sounds website on your computer. From our website, you can download many podcasts as MP3 files.

How do I get my podcast on BBC audio?

Subscribe on an Amazon Fire or Android device

  1. Find the podcast you’d like to subscribe to on the BBC Sounds website.
  2. Tap RSS.
  3. Your device will show you which app or apps you can use to start your podcast subscription – simply choose the app you want to use.

Is there a BBC Sounds app?

The BBC Sounds app is an app you can install on your mobile or tablet to enjoy live and on-demand BBC radio, music mixes and podcasts.

Why are BBC podcasts not on Google?

The BBC has removed its podcasts from voice device Google Assistant and the Google Podcast app, as the British broadcaster is “not comfortable” with how Google promotes third-party apps. Last year, Google launched a podcast app for Android.

Is BBC Sounds app free?

You can subscribe to shows to build your own feed in My Sounds, and you can download your favourites to listen offline and on the go. BBC Sounds is available for free from Apple, Google Play, Amazon and online at Download the free app today and happy listening!

What is the difference between BBC Sounds and podcasts?

However, not all radio content is available as a podcast. **Some podcasts are BBC Sounds Exclusives meaning they can be streamed on BBC Sounds on all devices, but downloaded only on the mobile/tablet app.

How do I create a bbc sound account?

To get started, say “Alexa, open BBC Sounds.” When prompted ask for the name of the live radio station, programme, podcast or music mix that you want to listen to. You now need to link your BBC account to listen.

Do I need to register for BBC Sounds?

Want to know more? You won’t have to sign in every time you visit BBC Sounds as you should stay signed in for two years on each web browser or app.

Is bbc Sound app free?

BBC Sounds is available for free from Apple, Google Play, Amazon and online at Download the free app today and happy listening!

How do I access BBC podcasts?

Podcasts can be found on the BBC Sounds Podcasts page or the Podcast category on the website, mobile/tablet app or TV app. On the website, look for the ‘Podcasts’ menu, next to My Sounds, Music and Home.

Are BBC podcasts available on Google Podcasts?

First, BBC podcasts are not officially available on the Google Podcasts app, which is the default podcast player for Android users. (The player is installed on every Android phone; clicking a Google Podcasts link opens the player, and coaxes the user to install the full app).

How much does a BBC account cost?

A BBC account is totally free to sign up for. You need to pay the TV licence fee, which costs £147 a year, in order to watch BBC iPlayer or any other TV programming in the UK, but that is required to legally watch television in this country, even if you never use iPlayer.

How do I install BBC Sound app?


  1. In the Google Play Store, search for ‘BBC Sounds’
  2. Once you’ve found the app, select Install and the app should begin to download.
  3. After you’ve downloaded it, select Open and this will bring you to the app which you can begin to use straight away.

Is BBC iPlayer being discontinued?

Users will lose downloaded programmes once the old app is gone, and will not be able to transfer them to the new version. Users of the iPlayer app complained about the switchover on social media. The BBC iPlayer Radio app is being shut down over the next two weeks, beginning tomorrow.

  • October 22, 2022