Is Amalapuram a city or town?

Is Amalapuram a city or town?

Amalapuram is a town, municipality and revenue division in East Godavari district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is 60 km from Greater Rajahmundry city . It is at the head of the Konaseema delta, the triangle formed by the waters of the Godavari River.

How many villages are there in Amalapuram?

As per census 2011, there are 17 villages in this mandal….

Amalapuram mandal
State Andhra Pradesh
District Konaseema
Population according to 2011 Census 1,41,693
Number of Villages 17

Is Amalapuram rural or urban?

77,036 people reside in rural parts of Amalapuram while 64,158 people reside in the Amalapuram urban area.

What is the population of Amalapuram?

The Amalapuram Municipality has population of 53,231 of which 26,485 are males while 26,746 are females as per report released by Census India 2011. Population of Children with age of 0-6 is 4635 which is 8.71 % of total population of Amalapuram (M).

How can I go to Amalapuram by train?

To navigate, press the arrow keys….Nearest Railway Stations to Amalapuram Andhra Pradesh India.

Station Train Frequency Distance
(NS)NARASAPUR 32 36.37 Kms
(DWP)DWARAPUDI 94 40.22 Kms
(APT)ANAPARTI 95 40.62 Kms

How many mandals are there in Amalapuram?

Administration. There are 10 mandals in Amalapuram revenue division.

Where is situated Amalapuram?

Andhra Pradesh
Map showing the location of Amalapuram city in Andhra Pradesh….Amalapuram Location Map,Andhra Pradesh.

City Amalapuram
State Andhra Pradesh
District East Godavari
Total Population 50,889
Total Male 25,538

Does Amalapuram have a railway station?

AMLPR/Amalapuram Railway Station Map/Atlas SCR/South Central Zone – Railway Enquiry.

What is Amalapuram PIN code?

Amalapuram/Zip codes

Why is Rajahmundry famous?

Rajahmundry was once the seat of the powerful Chalukyas. It is known for being immersed deeply into tradition, arts and culture. Considered the birthplace of the language Telugu, the city is considered the cultural backbone of the state. It was also one of the hotbeds in the Indian freedom movement.

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