How thick is 3mm Sintra?

How thick is 3mm Sintra?

1/8 in.
3mm (1/8 in.)

Is Sintra plastic strong?

About SINTRA® This material is lightweight yet rigid and durable, as well as dent and scratch resistant. It is easily formed into just about any shape imaginable using wood and foam board fabrication techniques.

What is Sintra plastic?

SINTRA® expanded PVC sheet is a lightweight, yet rigid, expanded foam polyvinyl chloride. It is used for many visual merchandising and signage applications and is a good substrate for digital and screen printing.

Is PVC and Sintra the same?

Sintra boards Sintra is the brand name for the high-quality PVC board, that is specifically made of moderately expanded closed-cell polyvinyl chloride, better known as PVC, in a homogenous sheet. The board is made from a lightweight material with a low gloss matte finish.

Is Sintra brittle?

∎ For joining Sintra to other substrates, solvent-dispersed adhesives formulated for PVC bonding may be used, as can most neoprene-based adhesives. overcooking the ink and possibly making the printed Sintra brittle.

Is Sintra water proof?

Sintra PVC Board is completely waterproof and is not affected by the sun’s heat or other weather conditions. This makes it great to use for storefront signs, outdoor advertising, outdoor and indoor decorations, traffic signs, and so much more.

What thicknesses does Sintra come in?

Sintra® is available in thicknesses from 1mm to 19mm (but 3mm and 6mm are the most common), and a dozen colors (white is available in all thicknesses, the other colors just in 3mm and 6mm; more about colors later). As a result of its structure, Sintra® has a number of useful properties .

Is Sintra waterproof?

Can you cut Sintra board?

Sintra® Material, an expanded PVC sheet product, can be cut using common methods for plastic materials. These methods include, knife cutting, sawing, and routing operations. Shearing with a guillotine shear is generally not recommended. Sintra Material up to 3mm thick can be cut with a knife or blade.

How do you cut a Sintra PVC board?

Sintra Material up to 3mm thick can be cut with a knife or blade. The cutting angle should be approximately 30 degrees and the blade should be sharp. Thicker sheets can be cut with hand, circular, band or saber saws. Wood-cutting saws can also be used.

How do you cut a Sintra 3mm board?

Can you cut Sintra board with cutter?

What can I use to cut Sintra board?

How do you cut expanded PVC sheets?

A good shop knife can cut thicknesses up to 3 mm. Up to 6 mm thick sheets can be scored and snapped on the score line. For speed and a very smooth edge, expanded PVC can be cut with a circular saw, table saw, band saw, or router. After cutting, edges can be smoothed with a file or a medium grit sand paper.

What is the easiest way to cut thin plastic?

The best tool for cutting thin plastic (¼ inches or less) is a utility knife. Examples of thin plastic are plastic banding, plastic packaging, and plastic sheets. A utility knife is the best option because it provides a good grip and control. A utility knife works in a similar way to scoring glass.

  • August 7, 2022