How much was Pernell Whitaker worth when he died?

How much was Pernell Whitaker worth when he died?

about $250,000
As a result of these financial issues, Celebrity Net Worth estimates that, when Whitaker died in a car accident in 2019, he was worth about $250,000.

Who was Pernell Whitaker’s trainer?

After his retirement, Whitaker returned into the world of boxing as a trainer. Among his trained boxers are Zab Judah, Dorin Spivey, Joel Julio and Calvin Brock.

What is Pernell Whitaker’s boxing record?

Whitaker finished his professional career with 40 wins (17 by knockouts), 4 losses, 1 draw, and 1 no contest. He was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2007.

What made Pernell Whitaker so good?

ROGER MAYWEATHER “I would say that Pernell Whitaker had the best jab and the best defense. He just had more skills than all the others during that time. Pernell Whitaker was well-schooled, footwork-wise, and in boxing ability too. Whitaker knew things about boxing and had more experience [than me].

Was Pernell Whitaker married?

Pernell married Rovanda Anthony on December 21, 1985 in the boxing ring at the Virginia Beach Pavilion Convention Center. The couple later divorced. They had four children together: Dominique, the late Pernell Jr., Dantavious, and Devon. Whitaker also had a daughter, Tiara, from a prior relationship.

Who trained sweet pea?

Pernell Whitaker Sr.

Pernell Whitaker
Nickname(s) Sweet Pea
Weight(s) Lightweight Light welterweight Welterweight Light middleweight
Height 5 ft 6 in (168 cm)

How many times has Pernell Whitaker been knocked down?

Pernell Whitaker
Wins 40
Wins by KO 17
Losses 4

How tall is Pernell Whitaker?

5′ 6″Pernell Whitaker / Height

Is Roger Mayweather Floyd Mayweather’s father?

Roger Mayweather, who was a world champion boxer in two weight classes but became better known as the trainer of his nephew Floyd Mayweather Jr., died on Tuesday in Las Vegas. He was 58. Floyd Mayweather announced the death in a statement.

What fighters did Pernell Whitaker lose?

Professional boxing record

No. Result Opponent
43 Loss Oscar De La Hoya
42 Win Diosbelys Hurtado
41 Win Wilfredo Rivera
40 Win Wilfredo Rivera

How many times was Whitaker knocked down?

9. WHITAKER, a champion at four weights and one of the greatest southpaws in the sport’s history, was dropped on to the seat of his trunks in the second for the only official knockdown, even though in eight of the 12 rounds either he or the champion was on the floor.

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