How much does a skilsaw Mag 77 weight?

How much does a skilsaw Mag 77 weight?

13.2 lb.
The Mag77LT measures 9 x 20.75 inches, weighs 13.2 lb. and has an 8-foot power cord with a twist lock plug. Skil achieved this weight reduction by using magnesium in the blade guard, base plate, motor and gear housing.

How often do you change the oil on a worm drive saw?

Both makers said you should change the oil after the first 10 hours of use. Since most cuts take seconds, this is actually a much longer service interval than it would first appear. After the first service, Ridgid says to change the oil every 50 hours, which is likely a lifetime for many users.

How much does a worm drive skill saw weigh?

The latest and lightest Worm Drive continues the long tradition of SKIL quality, rugged durability and consistently exceptional cutting performance. Weighing in at just 11.5 lbs., it’s 4 lbs.

Why is a worm drive saw better?

Advantages of a Worm Drive Circular Saw The longer distance between the handle and the blade extends your reach while making a cut, which is helpful for crosscutting sheet goods. A worm drive also has larger gear teeth with more load-carrying capacity than a direct drive, which provides more power but also adds weight.

Can I use synthetic automotive oil in my worm drive saw?

Product Description. Lube-V 680W Fully Synthetic Worm Drive Saw Oil is 100% synthetic oil with viscosity grade ISO VG 680 for use in all worm drive saw brands. It has outstanding performance much better than well-known market brand such as Skil 80111.

What special maintenance does a worm drive saw require?

The direct-drive saw has the blade at a right angle to the motor shaft. The worm-drive saw periodically requires special gear oil to keep the inner gears lubricated. This requirement is usually eliminated in the direct-drive saw, which has sealed bearings and gears.

Is worm drive better than circular saw?

Worm drive saws offer more durability and power because they have larger teeth which have a more loading capacity than regular circular saws. This feature enables the user to handle loads with high shock. It can handle tougher projects because it has great muscle to pitch cut.

Is a worm drive better?

Do worm drive saws have more torque?

A worm drive saw has the motor attached at the rear. Its power is driven through 2 gears each set at 90 degrees. This setting implies that the engine produces more torque but less Rotation Per Minute (RPM) of about 4,500.

What kind of oil do you put in a worm drive saw?

The types of oils most commonly used to lubricate worm gears are compounded mineral oils, EP mineral gear oils and synthetics. Each has its own unique characteristics and all three types are used successfully.

Do worm drive saws last longer?

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