How much does a metro ticket cost in Madrid?

How much does a metro ticket cost in Madrid?

Single Tickets

SINGLE TICKETS 1 JOURNEY Metro Zone A Up to 5 stations 1.50 € 6 stations 1,60 € 7 stations 1.70 € 8 stations 1,80 € 9 stations 1,90 € 10 stations or more 2,00 €

How do I get a metro ticket in Spain?

To buy the Madrid tourist pass you simply visit any metro station and use the ticket machines located there. Alternatively, you can buy these passes at the sales points at the Madrid airport. The Madrid tourist pass comes with the Multi Card included.

What is Zone A in Madrid Metro?

Metro Madrid Zones MetroMadrid (zone A) is the central part of the system, within the limits of the city of Madrid. It’s almost 60% of the network. It also includes ML1. MetroSur (zones B1 and B2) includes line 12 and the last 2 line 10 stations: Joaquín Vilumbrales and Puerta del Sur.

How do I recharge my Madrid metro card?

You can recharge your Madrid Multi Card at:

  1. All automatic ticket machines of Metro and Metro Ligero.
  2. Information points at the different transport hubs in Madrid.
  3. Most of Bankia ATMs.
  4. Tobacco shops and other licensed selling-points.
  5. All automatic machines of Renfe Cercanías (Madrid suburban railway).

How much is the Metro from Madrid airport to city Centre?

If you want to move around Madrid, the Metro is the cheapest and fastest way to get around the city. The single ticket costs 1.50 euros, but you can also buy a 10-trip ticket for just over 10 euros. If you are going to use it more than one day, the 10-trip ticket is really worth it.

How long does a 10 journey ticket last?

10 Journey Travelpasses are valid for 10 journeys between two points within 7 consecutive days. If purchased online, the customer will be required to choose an activation date. If purchased on board a coach, the starting date is on the first used journey.

What are the C trains in Madrid?

The Cercanías suburban service lines currently run the following routes:

  • C-1: Príncipe Pío – Atocha – Recoletos – Aeropuerto T4.
  • C-2: Guadalajara – Alcalá de Henares – Atocha – Chamartín.
  • C-3: Aranjuez – Atocha – Sol – Chamartín – El Escorial.
  • C-4: Parla – Atocha – Sol – Chamartín – Cantoblanco.

Is Madrid metro safe at night?

There are no safety issues for travelling on metro at night in Madrid.

How do I get a Abono card in Madrid?

You can easily complete the process online. After entering your form of identification, click on the Iniciar solicitud on-line button. Then, all you have to do is upload a copy of all three required files and once your application has been received, your card will be sent to your address in 7 days.

  • October 8, 2022