How many years did Moses Malone play in the NBA?

How many years did Moses Malone play in the NBA?

Malone retired following the 1994-95 season having scored 27,409 points and grabbed 16,212 rebounds in his 19-year NBA career. He made more free throws, 8,531 more at the time, than any other player in NBA history and also finished his career ranked second behind Wilt Chamberlain in free throw attempts with 11,090.

Is Moses Malone still living?

September 13, 2015Moses Malone / Date of death

What team drafted Moses Malone?

1974 (Round: 3)Moses Malone / NBA draft

How old was Moses Malone?

60 years (1955–2015)Moses Malone / Age at death

Did Wilt ever foul out?

He never fouled out in 1,045 games. He won four MVPs. (And don’t forget his most prodigious feat: Wilt claimed in one of his books to have slept with more than 20,000 women.)

Who averaged 50 points?

Jordan has 31 50-point games to his name in 1,072 career regular-season games….Who has the most 50 point games in NBA history? Full list of player leaderboard.

Player 50-point games
1. Wilt Chamberlain 118
2. Michael Jordan 31
3. Kobe Bryant 25
4. James Harden 23

When did Wilt average 50?

The 1961-62 season was defined by the amazing feats of two players: Wilt Chamberlain and Oscar Robertson. Not only did Chamberlain, the Philadelphia Warriors center, average a staggering 50.4 points, but also poured in an NBA-record 100 points in a game against the Knicks on March 2, 1962.

Who won the NBA title in 83?

Philadelphia 76ers1983 NBA Finals / Champion

Who won the finals in 1982?

Los Angeles Lakers1982 NBA Finals / Champion

Who won the 84 finals?

Boston Celtics1984 NBA Finals / Champion

Who won the 83 finals?

Who is better Wilt Chamberlain or Jordan?

Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player who has ever lived—even better than Wilt Chamberlain. Jordan tied Chamberlain’s career record of ten scoring titles, including a record-tying seven in a row.

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