How many people are in Adamawa?

How many people are in Adamawa?

At almost 64,000 km2 in land area, the Adamawa is the third largest of Cameroon’s ten regions. The land is rugged and sparsely populated, however, as most is devoted to the rearing of cattle….Adamawa Region.

• Total 63,701 km2 (24,595 sq mi)
Population (2015)
• Total 1,200,970
HDI (2017) 0.504 low · 8th of 10

How many wards are in Yola North?

11 Wards
Map of Yola-North local government Showing 11 Wards (Source: Yola Geodatabase) 3.0 Methodology Spatial approach was the method used in collecting data for this study.

What is the meaning of Adamawa?

/ (ˌædəˈmɑːwə) / noun. a state of Nigeria, in the E on the border with Cameroon.

How many languages are in Adamawa?

The Adamawa /ædəˈmɑːwə/ languages are a putative family of 80–90 languages scattered across the Adamawa Plateau in central Africa, in Nigeria, Cameroon, Central African Republic, and Chad, spoken altogether by only one and a half million people (as of 1996).

How many emirates are there in Adamawa State?

8 Emirates
Sensitization Of Traditional Rulers (104 District Head And 16 Secretaries) From 8 Emirates In Adamawa State.

How many LGA are in Adamawa?

There are 21 Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Adamawa State.

Which LGA is from Yola?

Yola North is a Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Nigeria. It includes Jimeta. It is a suburb of Yola (Yola South).

What is the king of Adamawa called?

Muhammadu Barkindo Aliyu Musdafa (born February 13, 1944) was turbaned on 18 March 2010 as the traditional ruler, title Lamido of Adamawa in Adamawa State Northeastern Nigeria.

What are the names of 21 local government in Adamawa State?

Adamawa State Local Government Areas

  • 1Demsa Local Government Area. Demsa LGA Secretariat, Demsa, Adamawa Nigeria.
  • 2Fufore Local Government Area.
  • 3Ganye Local Government Area.
  • 4Girei Local Government Area.
  • 5Gombi Local Government Area.
  • 6Guyuk Local Government Area.
  • 7Hong Local Government Area.
  • 8Jada Local Government Area.

Which local government is Yola?

Yola South is a Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Nigeria….Adamawa State.

Demsa Mayo-Belwa
Madagali Yola South

How many tribes are in Yola?

78 tribes
The state capital is Yola and there are over 78 tribes in Adamawa state. Some of the tribes includes: Fulani, Kilba, Chamber, Kanuri, Gude, Waja, Vere, Tangale, Wurkun, Michika, Bura, Tera, Sawa, Mafa, Margi, Hausa and Yungur.

What is Yola known for?

Yola is an access point to the Gashaka Gumpti Nature Reserve, which is the largest national park in Nigeria, the Ngel Nyaki montane forest reserve, the Mambilla Plateau, the Sukur UNESCO World heritage site, which is Africa’s first cultural landscape to receive World Heritage List inscription, the Yadin Waterfalls, the …

How many languages do we have in Adamawa?

80 languages
Most of the 80 languages found in the Adamawa group are small languages in northern Nigeria and Cameroon.

How many languages do we have in Adamawa State?

There are 58 languages spoken as first languages in Adamawa State. Major languages of Adamawa State are Bacama/Bata (Bwatiye), Bura-Pabir, Fulfulde, Huba (Kilba), Longuda, Mumuye and Samba Daka….Adamawa State.

Languages Local Government Area
Bena Guyuk, Gombi, and Song LGA’s
Bile Numan LGA
Boga Gombi LGA
Bura-Pabir Gombi LGA

How many local government do we have in Nigeria and list them?

Each of the LGA has a Local Government Council headed by an elected Chairman and consist of elected Councillors from various wards in the area. Here is a complete list of all the 774 LGAs in Nigeria….Complete List Of 774 Local Government Areas (LGAs) In Nigeria.

LGA State
Abak Akwa Ibom State
Abakaliki Ebonyi State
Aba North Abia State
Aba South Abia State
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