How many grades of wood flooring are there?

How many grades of wood flooring are there?

Four Hardwood Flooring Grades The wood flooring grades you’ll find detailed on the National Wood Flooring Association Site similarly break into four grades based on character and board length.

What does Nwfa stand for?


Acronym Definition
NWFA National Wood Flooring Association
NWFA National Women’s Football Association
NWFA North West Film Archive (UK)
NWFA Northwest Food Alliance (UK)

What is select grade flooring?

Select Grade flooring has the most uniform look. It contains characteristics such as small knots and minor color variations produced by differences in natural heartwood and sapwood; however, its overall look has little variation. Specific characteristics of Select Grade products will vary by wood species.

What is B grade laminate?

B-Grade: Less eyes, a more delicate look. Maximum 4 eyes per board and with an average not over 4cm. B-grade hardwood lumber grading comes many times together with the A-grading.

What is character grade hardwood?

Wood that has been graded “natural”, or “character” grade means that the wood will feature some knots as well as some colour variation and sap, all of which add to its natural charm.

What does Nofma stand for?

National Oak Flooring Manufacturer’s Association
NOFMA stands for National Oak Flooring Manufacturer’s Association, but the NOFMA standards program goes beyond oak. The certification program is administered by the National Wood Flooring Association, and the standards can be applied to many types of hardwood flooring.

What is natural grade flooring?

A natural grade floor is one that is made from many different grades of wood, which means that it will more closely mimic the natural state of the wood. Explaining the Wood Grades. Wood flooring tends to come in four different grades. Clear grade is the finest and most uniform grade of wood.

How can you tell good quality laminate?

How do you determine the quality of laminate flooring

  1. Here are the 5 most important quality criteria of laminate.
  2. A thickness of the laminate.
  3. The thickness of the wear layer.
  4. Living area:
  5. 3rd optics.
  6. Resistance to moisture.
  7. Environmental compatibility.
  8. Construction of a laminate floor.

What is AC3 wear rating?

AC3 rated laminate flooring is more wear resistant than AC2 by 60% and more wear resistant than AC1 by 120%. AC4 rated laminate is more wear resistant than AC3 by 60%, than AC2 by 120%, and than AC1 by 180%. With higher AC ratings, you will thus benefit from a longer life for your laminate flooring.

What is builders grade hardwood?

Builder grade flooring is a mix of 70% Natural and 30% Rustic grades. All color variations, plus knots, piths and worm holes are accepted. Cottage is a combination of Select (45%), Natural (40%) and Rustic (15%) grades. All color variations, plus knots, piths and worm holes are accepted.

What grade is Millrun?

Millrun or Mill Run lumber is typically also known as No. 1 Common. This is typically used because Millrun or “Mill Run” lumber is where an importer takes all the lumber that comes out of the run rather than just the highest grades….In Order of Grade:

Grade Trade Name Abbreviation
No. 2B Common 3AC
No. 3A Common 3BC

What does rustic grade mean?

Rustic Grade Timber is the final grade available for real wood flooring. Also known as CD grade timber, this grade of wood offers a wider colour variation between the planks and contains a higher quantity of sap and knots of up to 35mm in size.

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