How do I contact the Scotsman newspaper?

How do I contact the Scotsman newspaper?

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  1. The Scotsman Publications/JPIMedia Publishing Ltd, 80 George Street.
  2. Edinburgh.
  3. EH2 3BU.
  4. Scotland.
  5. 0131 311 7311.
  6. [email protected].
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How do I contact the Edinburgh Evening News?

  1. Newsdesk.
  2. E-mail: [email protected].
  3. Facebook:
  4. Twitter: @edinburghpaper.

Is The Scotsman still published?

First established as a radical political paper in 1817, it began daily publication in 1855 and remained a broadsheet until August 2004. Its parent company, JPIMedia, also publishes the Edinburgh Evening News. It had an audited print circulation of 16,349 for July to December 2018.

Who is the editor of The Scotsman?

JPI Media today announces the appointment of Neil McIntosh as Editor of The Scotsman. Neil is currently Managing Editor, BBC Online, and previously held roles on The Wall Street Journal and The Guardian.

How much does the Scotsman cost?

Royal Scotsman prices start from £3,300/$4,590/€3,850 per person. There is a choice of a Twin Cabin or Double Cabin onboard, however the ticket price remains the same no matter which one you choose.

Where is the Scotsman newspaper printed?

The Scotsman, morning daily newspaper published in Edinburgh, widely influential in Scotland and long considered a leading exemplar of responsible journalism. It was founded in 1817 as a weekly and began daily publication in 1855, when the newspaper stamp duty was abolished.

Who owns Edinburgh Evening News?

The Edinburgh Evening News is a daily newspaper and website based in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was founded by John Wilson (1844–1909) and first published in 1873. It is printed daily, except on Sundays. It is owned by JPIMedia, which also owns The Scotsman.

How do I contact the Daily Record?

You can update your delivery address by visiting, clicking the chat button below, or calling Customer Service at 1-800-398-8990.

What is the circulation of The Scotsman newspaper?

14,417The Scotsman / Circulation (February 2020, 81% Paid)

How often is the Scotsman published?

1817: The first issue of The Scotsman, subtitled The Edinburgh Political and Literary Journal, is published on Saturday 25 January, as a weekly paper devoted to liberal institutions. Set up by solicitor William Ritchie and customs official Charles Maclaren, it is sold at 10d per copy.

What political party does the Scotsman support?

The SNP is the largest political party in Scotland, where it has the most seats in the Scottish Parliament and 45 out of the 59 Scottish seats in the House of Commons at Westminster, and it is the third-largest political party by membership in the United Kingdom, behind the Labour Party and the Conservative Party.

Who owns the Scotsman Edinburgh?

The holding company is Press Holdings. The Scotsman’s current office was opened in 1999 and is situated at 108 Holyrood Road. By 1999 the old, Gothic building on North Bridge, with its labyrinthine corridors and 13 floors, had become an inadequate home for a modern newspaper.

Where can I see the Flying Scotsman in 2022?

Bluebell Railway
The Flying Scotsman will visit Bluebell Railway in August 2022! The Flying Scotsman will be running non-stop return services between Sheffield Park and East Grinstead for five days from 25 – 29 August. All seats must be pre-booked in advance.

How do I book the Royal Scotsman?

Contact Us

  1. Reservations · 1 800 237 1236.
  2. Phone · +44 (0) 207 921 4000.
  3. Email · [email protected].

Who reads The Scotsman?

The newspaper The Scotsman had an average monthly reach of over five million adults in the United Kingdom from April 2019 to March 2020….

Characteristic The Scotsman ( Scotland on Sunday (
Adults 15-34 1,168 1,162
Adults 35+ 3,870 3,825
Households with children 1,328 1,318

How do you contact a newspaper with a story?

Make contact – phone the newsdesk of your paper and tell them a brief summary of the story. Tell them you have a press release (and photo, if relevant), and find out what the best email to send it is. Make sure you get the name of who you’ve spoken to for ease of follow up.

How do I contact the judge on the Sunday Mail?

To get help, email [email protected] Give your name, address and phone numbers (day and evening), a brief description of the problem and how you see it resolved, the head office address for the company/organisation concerned and any reference number. Don’t include any attachments.

How many subscribers does the Scotsman have?

The newspaper The Scotsman had an average monthly reach of over five million adults in the United Kingdom from April 2019 to March 2020.

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