How do I contact Michael Regan EPA?

How do I contact Michael Regan EPA?

Michael S. Regan, Administrator

  1. Biography.
  2. Phone: (202) 564-4700.
  3. Mail code: 1101A | EPA mailing addresses.

How do I contact the EPA in Colorado?

Call us at 303-312-6312 or 1-800-227-8917….Spills should be reported to the National Response Center at 800-424-8802.

  1. Maintain an extensive directory of US EPA contacts, websites and hotlines;
  2. May provide direction to the appropriate person or agency; and.

Can you make an anonymous call to EPA?

You may also submit a complaint anonymously. However, if you do not provide your email address, you will not receive updates on the status of your complaint. Additionally, anonymous complaints may be more difficult to investigate because agency staff will not have a contact to answer questions about the report.

How do I email the EPA?

For any questions about this website, please contact the web team using with ‘Comment for Webmaster’ in the subject line….Full Contact Info for the EPA OIG.

Contact Methods
Form EPA OIG Contact Form
Phone (202) 566-2391
Fax (202) 566-2549

How do I complain about environmental issues?

Make a complaint to your local council Your local council will follow up on the information and investigate the issue. If the issue involves an EPA regulated site, the local council will pass on your complaint to the EPA for a response.

Can EPA inspect facilities for violations?

EPA may discover or learn of violations by several means. These include: Regular reporting required by environmental statutes or regulations. EPA or State inspections.

What issues do the EPA deal with?

EPA works to ensure that:

  • Americans have clean air, land and water;
  • National efforts to reduce environmental risks are based on the best available scientific information;
  • Federal laws protecting human health and the environment are administered and enforced fairly, effectively and as Congress intended;

What is environmental nuisance?

An environmental nuisance is generally defined as: unreasonable interference (or likely interference) with an environmental value caused by emissions of aerosols, fumes, light, noise, odour, particles (including dust) or smoke; or. unhealthy, offensive or unsightly conditions caused by contamination.

What powers of enforcement does the EPA have?

It was established in 1982 and granted full law enforcement authority by congress in 1988. We enforce the nations laws by investigating cases, collecting evidence, conducting forensic analyses and providing legal guidance to assist with prosecutions.

Does the EPA have an email address?

We strive to respond with an answer or an appropriate referral as quickly as possible – generally within 10 business days. If your browser doesn’t support forms, you can e-mail your comment to us at .

  • October 9, 2022