Does Vespa GTS 300 have abs?

Does Vespa GTS 300 have abs?

All newly-designed machines over 125cc must have ABS fitted as standard now, whilst existing models can be sold without ABS only until January 2017. Aside from those safety features, the new model also gained new instruments in keeping with the Vespa Primavera and Sprint models.

Is the Vespa GTS 300 a good bike?

It looks great, has the definitive brand name, is easy to ride, lavishly equipped and, in 300 form, produces 22bhp and is capable of 80mph. No wonder it’s so desireable. It’s up to more than outings across cities and suburbia: get the extra luggage, load it up and it’ll happily take you for a long weekend away touring.

How fast does a Vespa GTS 300 go?

Vespa GTS Top Speed: The Vespa GTS is powered by a 278cc displacement. At its highest speed, the GTS travels up to 78 mph. This is also the case for the GTS Super 300. Vespa Sei Giorni Top Speed: With the Sei Giorni, you can travel up to 73 mph, courtesy of its 278cc displacement.

When did Vespa GTS 300 get ABS?

Although the Vespa GTS isn’t new it is the UK’s best selling scooter in the 126-300cc class so Piaggio must be doing something right. In fact the model sold over 800 units in the UK last year. The revised 2014 model now comes with ABS and ASR traction control.

Are Vespas any good?

Vespa is considered a good investment. It has a steel monocoque frame, hydraulic brakes, and the latest models have ABS. Vespa has a high resell value because of the premium quality, history, and looks. Some models (classic and modern) hardly lose their value.

Is the Vespa GTS 300 automatic?

Automatic transmission The GTS 300, like pretty much all Vespas since the PX around 2005, uses automatic CVT transmission. There’s no shifting gears, and no clutch to play with. It’s a very simple system.

Where is the Vespa 300 GTS made?

Vespa GTS can come with 300cc, 150cc or 125cc engines. It added Piaggio Vietnam is its third-largest production plant after its facilities in Pisa, Italy, and Maharashtra, India.

  • October 9, 2022