Does Kendall Vertes have a younger sister?

Does Kendall Vertes have a younger sister?

Obi-Wan Takes the High Ground! – The Loop. Kendall K Vertes (born December 9, 2002) is the youngest child of Erno and Jill Vertes and is the sister of Charlotte and Ryleigh Vertes-McClure.

Does Kendall K have siblings?

Ryleigh VertesCharlotte Vertes
Kendall Vertes/Siblings

Does Kendall Vertes have an older sister?

Ryleigh Lillian McClure (neé Vertes) (born December 30, 1995) is the eldest child of Jill Vertes and Erno Vertes. She’s also the sister of Charlotte Vertes and Kendall Vertes.

How many siblings does Kendall K have?

Does Kalani hilliker have any siblings?

Jax GirardKalani Hilliker / Siblings

Does Nia Sioux siblings?

William FrazierEvan Frazier
Nia Sioux/Siblings

Did Nia Sioux have a baby?

Nia Sioux on Instagram: “baby kalani🖤”

Does Maddie Ziegler have siblings?

Mackenzie ZieglerMichele GisoniMathew GisoniRyan ZieglerTyler Ziegler
Maddie Ziegler/Siblings

Which Ziegler sister is older?

Ziegler has an older sister, Maddie, who is also a dancer and actress, as well as two older paternal half-brothers, Ryan and Tyler, and two older step-siblings, Matthew and Michelle. She began dancing at the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh at the age of two. With that company, she won titles in dance competitions.

Does Kalani hilliker have a sister?

Kalani Brooke Hilliker (born September 23, 2000) is an American dancer….

Kalani Hilliker
Parent(s) Kira Girard Hilliker (mother) Matthew Hilliker (father)
Relatives Jax Girard (half-brother) Jett Newman (half-brother) Kaliah Newman (half-sister)

Are Chloe and Maddie still friends?

Chloé and Maddie occasionaly compete with each other for acting roles. Since Nia, Chloé, and Maddie are all pursuing acting careers, they still have to compete with each other for roles from time to time. However, they haven’t let this affect their friendship.

Why was Nia in a wheelchair Dance Moms?

Four years ago, she was diagnosed with reflex neurovascular dystrophy, a condition in which pain symptoms are greatly magnified. Her mother says the Children’s Institute turned her daughter’s life around. “Nia couldn’t walk,” says Holly Hatcher-Frazier. “She was in a wheelchair.

How old is Maddie’s sister?

Born on 4 June 2004, Mackenzie Ziegler’s age is 18 years as of 2022….Mackenzie Ziegler Wiki/Biography.

Full Name Mackenzie Frances Ziegler
Date of Birth 4 June 2004
Age 18 Years
Birth Place Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
  • October 8, 2022