Are there buses in Malta?

Are there buses in Malta?

Bus services on the Maltese islands generally operate daily between 5:30 and 23:00hrs. There are a total of 80 different routes that link the different localities in Malta to either major hubs such as Valletta, Mater Dei Hospital and the Airport or to other destinations.

How many buses are in Malta?

420 buses
As the national bus operator, we cover 30 million kilometres every year with our fleet of 420 buses and a team of over 1,300 people. In 2019 we carried over 57 million passengers, a significant increase when compared to previous years.

What time do buses start Malta?

between 5:30 and 23:00hrs
Operational Times The Public Transport service on the islands of Malta and Gozo generally operates daily between 5:30 and 23:00hrs.

Do buses run on Sunday Malta?

Buses will operate on Sunday at less frequent times than on a weekday.

Where can I go on a bus in Malta?

80+ Malta bus routes connect the most important destinations on the island including the Malta International Airport, the Valletta cruise liner terminal and the Gozo ferry terminals at Ċirkewwa and Valletta (from where you can catch a ferry to Malta’s sister island of Gozo).

How do you get to Malta?

The quickest way to reach Malta is by plane, from almost anywhere in Europe. Travelers coming directly from the United States need to connect to Malta from a larger European city, like Paris or Rome. Air Malta, the national airline, operates to and from all major airports in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

What are buses called in Malta?

As well as providing public transport across the country, up until 2011, the traditional Malta bus (Maltese: xarabank or karozza tal-linja) served as a popular tourist attraction due to their unique appearances grounded in the bus ownership and operation model employed in the country; by the end of this traditional …

Are Malta buses good?

The public bus service on Malta and Gozo is a good way to get around as buses serve the major tourist areas, go practically everywhere and are inexpensive and efficient.

Do buses run all night in Malta?

Buses run every night, but they finish quite early. The exact schedule of any of these routes is available on the official website of the transport of Malta, just click on the desired number.

Does Malta still have old buses?

The iconic mustard coloured Malta buses made their exit on 2nd July 2011. Loved and hated in equal measure by both locals and visitors, they were undeniably one of the more recognizable sights on the islands’ roads.

How do you travel by bus in Malta?

Tickets can be purchased from the Bus Driver on all our Buses. These Cash Tickets are Single Journey tickets that can be used to get to any destination within two hours, including interchanging. Rates vary between Summer and Winter months. Summer rates apply between mid-June and mid-October.

How can I go to Malta from India?

The shortest flight flies from New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport and it takes about 12 hours to reach Malta, including a layover in Rome. The 2 most important documents Indians need while travelling to Malta are a valid passport and a Schengen visa.

Can you pay on the bus in Malta?

Getting around Malta is becoming easier as bus passengers can now use their contactless cards, smartphones or smartwatches to pay for their bus tickets, with the launch of a contactless payment system on all 400 route buses operated by Malta Public Transport.

How much does cost for a bus in Malta?

Fares. A one day ticket provides unlimited rides on Arriva buses from the time you purchase your ticket until 11pm/2300 h. One day tickets in Malta cost €2.60 for non-residents and €1.50 for residents. Tickets valid for 2 hours in Malta cost €2.20 for non-residents and €1.30 for residents.

What are Maltese buses called?

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