Are Scout Boats made with wood?

Are Scout Boats made with wood?

No Wood is Ever Used on a Scout Instead, everything we use through the boat is a composite material, including transoms, stringers, decks, and more.

Are Scout Boats top tier?

Quality, fit, finish is top tier. Customer service is outstanding. Scout Boats is one of the best managed companies I know. I’ve been to their factory a couple times and you can eat off the floors.

How long has Scout Boats been around?

Scout Boats president and CEO Steve Potts launched the South Carolina company with $50,000 he managed to scrimp and save while working a night job repairing fiberglass bathtubs, and a day job as plant manager at American Sail. He and his wife, Dianne, began building 14- and 15-foot boats out of a brick barn in 1989.

When was Scout Boats founded?

Scout was founded with a handful of employees and a couple of molds in a small brick building back in 1989 by Steve and his wife Dianne Potts.

Is scout a quality boat?

Customers have labeled Scout’s boats the best of the best for their finish, quality, and versatility. It truly is a great boat. Buyers continue to write to Scout to tell them their sea stories of the fishing trips with their kids, their awesome cruises with family and friends, and how much they love their Scout.

Is scout a good boat company?

Is Scout A Good Boat. Scouts are regarded as some of the most high-quality vessels produced. The company utilizes innovative technology to increase ride quality, lower fuel costs, reduce water spray due to the flared bow, and deliver a watercraft with a top-notch appearance.

Are scout good boats?

What are Scout Boats known for?

sport fishing boat manufacturer
Scout Boats eventually started making appearances at boat shows and became a star sport fishing boat manufacturer in the industry. When the economic recession started in 2008, Scout Boats continued to thrive, thanks in no small part to Steve’s leadership.

Can a Grady-White sink?

Note of caution: any boat can sink if you put it in bad enough conditions. However, given your standard boating experience, Grady White boats are known for being nearly impossible to sink.

  • August 15, 2022